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  1. R

    Is It Standard to Upload Music to iTunes, Spotify, etc. in 16 Bit Rather Than 24 Bit?

    I was about to upload my music to TuneCore who would then distribute it to iTunes, Spotify, etc. and noticed that they said to make sure my music was in 16 bit format. It was my understanding that 16 bit is just for burning CDs. You have to dither/add the noise to bring 24 bit recordings down to...
  2. J

    Still 16bit CD?

    Hey Guys, My first ever post, sorry if not the correct place or if already been addressed elsewhere; Can I start giveing cleients 24bit Red Book standard CD's instead of 16bit? I've been giving both 16 and 24bit. They probably think I don't know what I'm doing but the tech side of it changes so...
  3. S

    16 bit 44.1 khz, Vs. 24 bit 96 khz monitors

    I am currently looking to upgrade the way I mix music. Currently, I have a fast track ultra and I'm just using a pair of 50$ monitor headphones. I have done test recordings of 16 bit, 44.1 Khz Vs. 24 bit 96 khz recordings, and I cannot hear a shred of difference. (I know my fast track ultra is...
  4. M

    16 bit / 24 bit / 44.1khz / 48 khz questions... help anyone!

    Currently running Sonar 6, Dell Pentium IV w/ motu 828 mkII firewire... and whatever stock sound card my computer has. Whenever i try to set sonar to run 24 bit 48 khz it says my sound card is incompatible or something and i'm forced to work in 16 bit 44.1... anyone know why i cant go to 24...
  5. B

    Pros & Cons Recording 16 bit Verses 24 bit; 44.1k verses

    I assume there have been ample discussions of this in the past, but I cannot find any applicable threads to read using the search feature of this forum. Can anyone point me to these discussions? If for whatever reason the discussion gets restarted here, these are my thoughts/assumptions...
  6. E

    Straight up explaination on 16 bit as opposed to 24 bit

    Found this thread,thought it may help someone,it helped me. :shock: http://www.compulink.co.uk/~davedorn/computing/sound/24bit1.htm
  7. M

    How to correctly convert a 24bit master to 16bit?

    Hi all, I've been lurking around here a lot, but now have a question of my own. With a recent project, I decided to mixdown to 24bit/44khz, instead of 16bit/44Khz which is what I have done in the past. After mastering the audio, I was puzzled by this sharp harsh sounding noise i'd get when...
  8. 2

    Converting 16-bit to 24-bit

    hello i have some older sessions in 16-bit 44.1 kHz. i am going to re-track the vocals for the sessions using newer equipment which is capable of 24-bit up to 96 kHz. is there any benefit to converting the 16-bit audio into 24-bit and work in a new 24-bit session (44.1) for...
  9. A

    Questions about dithering 16 bit files

    I've always been somewhat skeptical on this topic, and I hope someone can inform me of any mistakes I may be making. I'm currently engineering the sound effects for a small game project. They've been sent to me as 16 bit files, and I'm required to make gain changes to them (as the game...
  10. D

    16 bit? 24 bit?

    when is it best to record in which bit depth? i understand that the bit depth is is relative to loudness in dB's (each bit = 3 dB i think?), but still don't quite grasp when to record in which. i'd assum 24 bit, then dither down to 16 bit to go to cd in the mastering process, but i am not sure...
  11. A

    MOTU 2408MKIII 24bit or 16bit at playback?

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if thw MOTU2408MKIII can play back at 24bit resolution or is it locked at 16bit.
  12. P

    16bit to 24bit conversion

    If I'm exporting files from Cubase at 24 bit and they were recorded at 16 bit, am i doing damage to the file? The reason being I have some files at 24 bit and some files at 16 bit and would prefer to master at 24 bit obviously. As you can see I'm somewhat of a beginner so take it easy...
  13. S

    My 12years old 16bit converters sound better than RME...why?

    How is it possible? I have an ensoniq sampler from 1993 (asr10) which sounds MUCH better than my RME multiface. And it is not because coloration or distortion, it simply sounds more "in front", a little bit smoother and warmer and fatter. I made some tests recording both simple sinus...
  14. J

    Converting 24bit/96khz to 16bit/44.1khz

    I have a question about converting from 24/96 down to 16/44.1: I am currently working with a project that was recorded and mixed at 24bit/96khz. It sounded very good at that resolution, but then I used the ProTools "bounce to disk" function to save a 16bit/44.1khz copy of the master stereo...
  15. anonymous

    D/A I/O & A/D I/O w/ 16bit(redbook) & 24bit

    Can someone help me understand....Which matters most? The digital to analog converters or the bit resolution? Mainly, going to CD or even CD-R.
  16. trock

    24 bit and 16 bit confusion

    So my question is this i use either a roland 2480 or cubase as my main recording enviroment SX 2 i should specify. So should i set my projects up as 44.1/24bit? and then mix down or "dither" (still not sure how or when this works) to 16 bit so i can play on a CD? the real question is...
  17. J

    16 bit to 24 bit conversion

    I have some tracks that are originally 16 bit, wondering what the benefits or consequences would be to convert to 24 bit to mix and then reconvert & dither to 16 bit for CD burning? Thanks for all opinions!
  18. C

    16 bit as good as 24 in mixing pop dance music ! ? oh no!!

    Hello everybody. I think, 24 bit is in anyway better than 16, and i think you would hear a difference betwen a.) recording 30 tracks with 16 bit, mixing it in 16 bit mode with protools, bounce the whole mix again 16bit and than master the 16bit bounce and b.) recording 30 tracks with...
  19. A

    Converting to A-Law 16 Bit ???

    I have a question consirning audioconverting. Does anybody know if it is possible to convert a .WAV 44.1kHz. 16Bits Mono file into a A-law 8 kHz. 16Bits Mono file? Normally I convert the WAV's into A-Law 8 Bits, but now I need to convert them to 16 bits files which seems not possible with the...
  20. M

    24 bit to 16 bit: what's lost?

    OK.This is a little weird and I should know this, but I really am not sure. :confused: