2 bus

  1. ChrisH

    The History of 2 Bus/Stereo Bus Compression & How you're using it today

    Hey everyone, Hope your mix week is well. I found this article on subject and thought I would share: http://brownbagazine.blogspot.com/2010/11/compressor-history.html Which got me thinking and searching (with no luck) "who the first mixing engineer was to successfully use mix/stereo/mono/2 bus...
  2. audiokid

    (term) 2-bus

    2-bus (2 buss) - means stereo master or stereo bus or mixbus
  3. DonnyThompson

    Observations on 2 Bus Gain Reduction

    @audiokid @Boswell @paulears @pcrecord @kmetal @Davedog (et al) I've decided that, at least for awhile, and for sure on this current album project I'm working on for my friend and client, that I'm really going to be cutting back on the use (and the amount) of GR on the 2-bus. I'm not saying...
  4. audiokid

    Tracking choirs with LA2A's or using them on the 2 bus

    Anyone here track Choirs with the LA-2A or use them on the 2-bus?
  5. Paul999

    What is on your 2 buss?

    I know some folks don't put a ton on their 2-bus and others put everything and the kitchen sink on it. For my business I try to keep as many dollars in house as possible and mastering is often left in house. I get to work with an excellent mastering engineer a few times a year and I love it...
  6. audiokid

    Fab Dupont Dangerous Master mixing on 2 buss

    Anyone have an idea what benefit Fab Dupont has by using the Dangerous Master in his mix rig on his 2-bus? I heard it in this Sweetwater video on Dangerous Music products.
  7. audiokid

    Help with Hybrid DAW Setup 16 channels I/O to analog summing amp back to DAW/ 2 Buss

    Man, I thought I had a handle on this but apparently not. Using Samplitude, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Reaper whatever... (shouldn't matter what DAW correct)? what do I need to get 16 channels of I/O to a Dangerious 2-Bus or my SPL MixDream and back into my DAW? ( not concerned with cable) just the...
  8. audiokid

    Dangerous 2 Bus with FireFace 800

    Cucco, or anyone for that matter: I'd love to hear how you setup your Dangerous 2-Bus with FireFace 800? routing,cables,outboard gear etc? I believe you mentioned you have Sequoia as well? What do you use for a monitor control system?
  9. MadMax

    2 Buss Comp/Limiter

    Looking at a couple of comp/limiters for the 2-bus... I'm currently using a pair of RNC's in "fine mode", a DL251 or a 166 depending on the project/song. I believe I'm really in need of a dedicated unit... so far the short list is comprised of L2, PL-2, C2 and the 1968ME. Any thoughts or...
  10. Z

    please recommend a 2 buss system for my setup

    Hello folks, I have a nice board for the studio. But I need a small 2-bus mixer for live work. I really would rather have the rackmount stuff. And I really only want a 1 or 2 space rack mixer with stereo outs. Here's my setup... API3124+ Vipre GreatRiver MP2NV So I would rather have a...
  11. T

    Fatso on 2 Bus

    Is anyone using the Fatso on the 2-bus out of the DAW before going to CD?
  12. S

    Could someone explain the reason for the dangerous 2 bus

    Hi, I've been watching the messages on the other boards regarding the dangerous 2-bus. Could someone explain why analog summing would be quantifiably better than digital? What is wrong with digital summing algorithms, that hasn't been fixed? I did a search on the web for dangerous's web...
  13. P

    Yamaha DM-2000 or Dangerous 2 bus

    Who has the dm-2000 or ixed on it. It got great reviews. How is the summing of the master 2-bus. Is the dangerous 2-bus a better way to go. I am only talking about sound quality. not the features thanks
  14. P

    Dangerous 2 bus or Manley 16x2 Mixer

    I am want to go out of my motu rack from DP to a summing mixer. I have heard great things about the Dangerous 2-bus and the Manley 16x2. Which one has more headroom and sound better. I am interested in sound only. I don;t need the knobs. I will be doing all automation in computer.
  15. anonymous

    Dangerous 2 bus - DAW mixing aid - user report

    Dangerous 2-bus (D2B) http://www.dangerousmusic.com/2-bus.htm I have bought one of these to help me mix DAW sessions and use all my analog outboard. It sums 16 mono or 8 stereo pairs to 2 with a trim pot on the master out…. So far I have patched into it via my 16 interface outputs...
  16. T

    Best 2 bus compressor

    I need opinions on the best 2-bus comp. The manley seems to have a good rep but I'm concerned with the tube issue and the questions of low end mud. The cranesong seems to be where I'm leaning. I do mostly Alt rock. Just got off the phone with the Smart distributor. I respect the SSL sound and...
  17. C

    drums to 2 buss during mixdown?

    Do you generally send all your drum tracks to a 2-bus and compress them all together when tracking?