8 track

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    Laptop has 1 audio port

    There are a couple of ways to take a video and play along with it but when it comes to recording live, almost anonymously the pro's will tell you to copy the stream and import it into your saw, making it a static phenomena. I'm trying to take a video, practice with it and record it out to mp3...
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    Mastering 8trk Tapes via Digi 002

    Hi! So I finally decided to pull out some of my old tapes and digitally remaster them. I originally recorded these on a Tascam 688 (standard audio cassette tapes, 8 tracks unidirectional). I have an eight channel snake running from the 688 to the 002 rack. Two questions: On the 002, I have...
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    Should I mix from DAW to 1" 30 ips 8 track?

    Should I mix down from my DAW to my 1" 30 ips? Maybe L on 1-4 tracks and R on 5-8?
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    Otari MX 5050 Mk III 8trk Problem.... can you help?

    Hi All, This is my first message on this forum, until now I have been a passive member. There is a wealth of great info on here and some real knowledgeable folks! So here is my problem.... Can anybody help me? I have recently bought an Otari MX 5050 MK III 8 trk (without manual) and...
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    Can anyone tell me what an Otari MX70 8trk 1inch tape machine

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    thoughts on otrai mx70?

    im looking for advice/opinions on this machine... sound quality... reliability... maintenance... thanks
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    how do you 8 track?

    OK - how do you do it? As this is my game here are my rules: 8 tracks of analog; rock band; DAT machine; decent mixing board with, say 16 channels; a handful of decent mics & pres and such (though I care less about specific gear and more about dealing with only 8 tracks). Do you get mono...
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    Any Opinions on an Otari MX70 1" 8 track?

    I have a chance to pick one of these up locally for a great price from a trusted source, but I've never used/heard one yet. Anyone have any experience/comments about this machine? I am only familiar w/ the MTR series. Any similarities sonically? This is just for home use (right now I've got...