1. moles

    Weird Aardvark Q10 behaviour

    Okay, I haven't come across any Aardvark Q10 threads more recent than around 2008 - so I know this is a long shot, but maybe someone can help. My setup is the Aardvark Q10 (7.13 drivers), into a PC with Windows XP SP3. It's a dual core AMD processor, lots of RAM, and hasn't given me any...
  2. H

    Has the Aardvark Q10 seen its day?

    Hi Guys, I thought this would be a good place to post a question on my soundcard. I have a small recording studio which I started obviously like so many for my own recordings. I am wondering if this soundcard (Aardvark Q10) still holds clout vs some of the new cards coming out these days. I...
  3. amadeustm

    Aardvark Direct Pro 2496 not working

    Hello, My previous post was about which audio interface I should buy and how soundcards works. Luckly I could put my hands on an Aardvark Direct Pro 2496. Just to be sure that you, reading this post, get the exact card I am talking about here is its link...
  4. B

    Aardvark 20/20 Compatable with Windows XP" Reason Softw

    Hello there. Great Forum! I have an AArdvark 20/20 Audio card from an old set-up. Curently running Reason with a windows XP set=up. Does anyone out there have drivers that maay make this nice old card compatable" (it's 24 bit, and really does sound good) Thanks in advance, Barefoot
  5. O

    Aardvark drivers

    Anyone have the Aardvark Q10 drivers for XP?
  6. Y

    Aardvark Q10, Aark24 and XP "SP2"

    I was looking for some user feedback on these pieces of equipment and SP2. Since Aarvark went under (no more driver updates) I felt it might be best to stick with the OS configuration I had. It was working fine, no need to subject myself to the unknown. Times changing a bit, new nasty worms...
  7. V

    25' 25pin shielded m/f serial cable for aardvark lx6?

    I want to replace the 6' 25pin connector of my lx6 with a 25' one and I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for... Would a stock 25pin shielded (28 AWG) m/f serial cable work? edit: The connector standard is DB25M/DB25F btw...
  8. H

    Aardvark Q10

    Has anyone had problems with their Q10? When I install the card I get no output from the video monitor...that is I can't see anything!...when I uninstall the card the monitor works again....I'm I alone? :(
  9. B

    Aardvark soundcards and athlon 64 compatibility

    Is anyone sucsessfully using any aardvark product with an athlon 64 set up? If so what chipset are you using? Since aardvark is out of business I have been unable to find this info. Perhaps I will be the first to try it. Since the nforce 2 chipset was the best performing AMD chipset for...
  10. R

    Forum for Aardvark users

    For users of the Aardvark card... I have created a forum on my website where you can exchange information, drivers, etc. http://www.revolutionmusic.net/aardvark
  11. T

    cool edit and aardvark

    Help. I'm having problems getting my Aardvark Q10 to work with Cool Edit Pro 2.1. I had CEP working fine with a Soundblaster card, but when I got the Q10, I tested it out for recording and playback, and both worked, although I didn't have a chance to really use it. Then my computer crashed...
  12. P

    Aardvark Q10--a bad move at this time?

    Assuming they did go out of business--which seems probable--is it a bad idea to buy Aardvark products at this time? Yodermr1 had posted that driver updates for the Q10 could be gotten from his site, so other than Aardvark's being remiss in terms of tech support...
  13. D

    Aardvark drivers anyone??

    I have had my aardvark q10 for about 2 years now, and now that the company is out of business, I am in desperate need of driver updates. If anyone has driver 7.13, 7.04, or 7.0 and could possibly send me an e-mail with it I would be greatly appreciative. thanks, ryan
  14. J

    Aardvark tech support belly up?

    i am having difficulty reaching Aardvark by e-mail and by phone. Are they having financial trouble? any information that might help me get in touch with them is greatly appreciated. 8-)
  15. J

    Aardvark Q10 mic pre compared to Presonus Firepod?

    Would there be any difference in the mic pres on the aardvark q10 compared to the presonus firepod?
  16. P

    Problems adding a 3rd Aardvark Q10

    We just bought a 3rd Q10, and upon installation, suddenly began to have the following problem: When the Aardvark Manager is opened, it works fine *until* we view the mixer for the 3rd card. Then, within minutes of having that screen visible, the program crashes, and also prevents us from...
  17. B

    For anyone using an Aardvark Q10 ..... is yours quiet?

    I have two Aardvark Q10's and like them a lot. Up until recently I had never tried to "offload" sounds from them onto other media (in this case digital audio tape on a DA-88) so the "background" noise that was coming out of the monitor and the other 8 outputs never really bothered me. It didn't...
  18. H

    How can I get rid of my Aardvark Q10 and record straight int

    Ive been wanting to upgrade my studio with API, great River and UA pre's and a whole bunch of "high end" compressors and EQ's. Im a still a bit confused with the A/D thing here. I dont want to use the the Aardvark A/D convertes (they are not that bad but I want more). I was thinking of geetting...
  19. T

    Something like the Aardvark Direct Pro Q10

    Can i get anything a litte cheaper? I've been searching but can't come across anything. I need something that can run 8 tracks at once...10 tracks maximum. Any help would be great.
  20. T

    Aardvark Direct Pro Q10

    People say u can hook 2 or more of these up at once. How can u do it? Aardvark Direct Pro Q10