1. ErnestPoland

    ADAM Audio F7 - opinions

    Hey all! That is my first post. I checked the [=""]Studio Monitors, Headphones & Controllers[/] forum but couldn't find similar thread. I am about to purchase these, but would like to hear some opinions from people...
  2. R

    Focal SM9 / Adam S3X-H / Barefoot MM27 / Quested V3110 - THOUGHTS ????

    Sorry to have yet another one of "these" threads, but this is not a vs-vs/whats better question. I'd like to know what people's experience is and feelings are towards these monitors that have used/heard all with enough adequate time/usage with each one to be fair to each one. I did a search and...
  3. K

    Roland ds-5 or Adam a3x

    I have access to these two studio monitors where i live. I need to decide which one to buy. They are about the same price. What do you think about them? Which one is better according to you? I will connect the monitors to the mbox2 i have. Here are the links to specifications...
  4. audiokid

    ADAM Studio Monitors Opinions

    What is your favorite ADAM Audio studio monitor?
  5. H

    Quested Q412 passive studio monitor VS ADAM S7 main monitor?

    Why quested is not popular as ADAM studio monitor? Is it accurate and netural as compare with ADAM,ATC and PMC?
  6. K

    My Adam A5 has a crackling noise!

    Hey everyone! This is my first time on a music forum. I received my new Adam A5 studio monitors two days ago. And immediately I started playing different kinds of music for hours to test them out. Then: During the string intro of "Baby I´m a fool" with Melody Gardot I was shocked to...
  7. M

    Dont buy Adam A7 - good trble, high mid lower end missing.

    Ok, I have just bought into all the stuff on the adam a7 power monitors which if you you want to find bad reviews these days its easy for these they were almost impossible to find even then, minor quibbles. Ok, whats my quibble? Every time i mix on these and it sounds fairly balanced not bass...
  8. X

    ADAM Audio P22A Powered Studio MonitorS

    I was looking into getting a pair for my small home project studio. Is this a good idea? I was also looking into Genelec speakers but IDK.
  9. E

    Replacing BM6A : H+K Oxxx or ADAM Sx ?

    The treble amp of one of my BM6A is damaged, producing a very annoying harsh sound. Support has not help me, arguing that they do not hear any saturation (shame on them !). So I need new monitors ; but this is also an opportunity to get better gear than BM6A :P Currently I own a sub (DA...
  10. J

    Adam A7

    Was wondering if anyone has had an oportunity to hear these much. I'm in the market and until I saw these I thought I was sold on a pair of bm5a's. I really don't have the cash to buy both for a comparison or a place to go and listen to both. So, I'm just having to go by reviews and...
  11. P

    ADAM s2a Deep enough bass? - I'm about to buy.

    I just got offered a good deal on a set of ADAM S2a monitors. I compared them to the S3a's in the demo room and I thought the S2a held up quite nicely to its bigger brother. I havn't had the chance to hear the S2.5a but from what I understand it has a 9" cone as opposed to the 7" on the...
  12. A

    Headamp in Recording Room ?

    Hello there :-) Just finishing the plans for a new studio and wondering about something : What is your personal oppinion ? as the recording engineer, better to put headamp in control room to change the level myselffor the musician, or to put headamp in recording room and let the musician...
  13. F

    Adam P22a

    Hi all, I have searched everywhere on the net for a review of the P22a and i can't find one. i have been mixing with Adam P11a for the last few months and i really like them. i going to invest in monitors myself and i am curious has anyone mixed with both these. The P11a could do with a...
  14. S

    Adam Jones tone on Lateralus recording and live

    If anyone knows how Adam Jones got such a great tone on Lateralus and how he gets such a great tone live.....Please enlighten me!! I'm mainly trying to figure out what he uses for distortion....whether it's a pedal or amp dist. -J
  15. R

    Adam p11a and front ports

    Hi! i am considering of buying the ADAM p11a monitors. i have mixed on them and i enjoyed it very much. i have noticed one thing that realy bothered me. the front ports make a flapping noise on bass notes. so when i tried recording bass or tuning a kick drum i got extra high frequencies...
  16. H

    Need advice... ADAM p11a or Dynaudio BM6a?

    Hi! I'm a sound engineer and producer located in Norway, and newly registered. :D Since I'm looking for a pair of new near fields, I've been reading a lot of the posts in here and found tons of useful advice. Thanks to you all, my search has been narrowed down to ADAM p11a and Dynaudio...
  17. G

    KRK vs ADAM

    Hi all. Am looking at upgrading my monitors and am deciding between ADAM P11A and the KRK-V8II. I know that in the end it comes down to your ears and personal taste, but does anyone have experience with either/both of these systems?
  18. M

    Adam monitors

    Have decided to get a pair of Adam monitors after a long time of consideration. Just wanted to do a last check here to hear your experiences/opinions on them. I´m going for the S2A.
  19. D

    ADAM 3A vs genelec 1032A or 1031A

    i am going to upgrade my JBL LSR 32 monitors. I have short listed above monitor. Please suggest me the better one. I am afraid of ADAM's ribbon Technology, Is these tweeters r rigid. In JBL I have problem with tweeter, (tweeters in JBL are very delicate). Please tell me wat to do? Thanx in...
  20. S

    Adam Kasper information

    Does anyone know where to find more information about Adam Kasper's micing techniques ? Or do you know what microphones he use, and how he places them ? I know already about his gear, mostly vintage stuff and recording on tape. Thank you very much.