1. pcrecord

    Affordable ADAT to Headphones unit ?

    Hi gang ! I'm aiming in all directions with my current headphone amps for the artists. I do have a Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700 but it's design makes it receive only one stereo signal and/or 4 analog. I currently use my old (preamp defective) Focusrite Liquid saffire 56 via ADAT for 2...
  2. Earthless

    RME UFX Clock Source Settings

    I have a question about clock source settings in the UFX. At the moment i have setup like this: UFX adat out -> ADI8 adat in ADI8 adat out->UFX adat in Also i have a word clock cable going from the UFX wordclock out -> ADI8 wordclock in So, on the computer in the Fireface UFX settings in the...
  3. Josh Jones

    Issues with ADAT Recording

    Hi everyone! I am currently having an issue when multi track recording a worship band at my church, I have a the sound desk that goes into my 8 channel pre amp and the pre amp connects into my 8 channel interface via ADAT, which then connects into my laptop through USB. The problem is, is that...
  4. Earthless

    Adding IO via Adat

    I currently own the RME UFX interface, but time has come to make use of the adat connections and expand the inputs and outputs. Googling around there are not so many options to choose from. Most common may be the Behringer ADA8200 and the Focusrite octopre mic preamp. To suit my needs better i...
  5. A

    Positioning an ADAT in a Rack

    It's been ages since I've used my ADATs (blackfaces and XT20s). When I did, I had racks within which I mounted them, and the angle of incline was minimal. Now, I work almost exclusively 'in-the-box' soon will acquire a desk with rack modules. The desk's rack module configuration places the ADATs...
  6. J

    Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

    Hi friends, there is a problem: I own an ADAT HD 24 and an RME UFX. Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously. After recording I use protools for mixing all tracks How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven´t timing problems in the...
  7. P

    Alesis HD24XR, Fireface 800, track, mix, monitor

    Looking to get some help regarding my setup. I currently have an HD24XR, the digital outs are connected to the digital ins of the RME and so are the Ins. Total Mix controls the RME. I want to be able to record onto the hd24. When its full. transfer the tracks to reaper and mix. Issues I have...
  8. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Alesis ADAT XT tick sound on playback

    There's this occasional [=""]tick sound[/] that occurs on playback perhaps every 15 seconds to 1 minute. I tried swapping cables. Tried playing into a different system. This sound is coming from the ADAT XT. My question is do you think this...
  9. A

    mixer stand alone and controller, with adat lightpipe

    Is there on market a good 8 mic channel mixer to use stand alone and also as controller for protools with an adat interface on it? thanks for you suggestions.
  10. audiokid

    ADAT questions

    I've never used ADAT so I am clueless. Reason I'm asking is I have two RME ADI-8 QS that are stellar, I love them but I'm not using them now because I replaced these for the Orion 32, which I'm not completely thrilled about in comparison to the sound quality of the QS' but hey, the Orion 32 has...
  11. pcrecord

    ADAT Spec confirmation

    Hi, I just need to confirm a thing 1 ADAT input/output can deal with 44.1khz and it takes two to run 88.2 or 96khz right ? I ask that because the specs of the M-Audio Project mix says it can do 88.2 and 96 but It has only 1 input and 1 output. am I wrong ?
  12. pcrecord

    Choice of addon pre via ADAT to a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

    Hi Guys, Following my purchase of a Focusrite ISA 2 Preamp unit, I decide to upgrade my 4 m-audio delta cards. I went with the Saffire 56, seemed a good choice with good reviews. The Preamps quality is honest and for the small tests I did, the converter seemed better than the delta cards. So...
  13. timshel

    ADAT Optical I/O query

    Hola Folks, My brain has been melted while looking for a new audio interface or some way to augment my current set-up. I am running an Apogee Ensemble at the moment and the 8 channel I/O is no longer enough for what I am doing. My profile is up to date if you'd like more information. So the...
  14. R

    Alesis HD24 hard drive problems (and possibly more)

    Ok, I've been losing sleep, hair and probably tooth enamel (from grinding them) on a similar issue. I've had an HD24 for 7 years. Power went out while I was gone for three days this summer. I had everything on an UPS. Which of course did not last that long. The HD will turn on correctly if the...
  15. I

    increase output channels using ADAT

    Hey guys, In a situation where a sound card has minimal outputs. Can you use an ADAT device to add to the number of available outputs to go into a multi channel summing mixer? I didnt think this was possible but was told otherwise.. Equipment im using is Lynx Two 4 i/o and Lynx ADAT card...
  16. I

    Combining LS-ADAT to my Lynx Two A card

    hey guys, In attempt to gain access to more channels for an upcoming drum recording, I am considering buying a LS-ADAT to co exist with my Lynx Two (4 input card) I plan to use a UA 4710D using the Lynx LS-ADAT for the purpose of 3 Toms and HiHat I will connect my Seven Circle Pres to my Lynx...
  17. audiokid

    ADAT input for Laptops

    Is there anything available for an ADAT input for laptops? I'm wanting to use my Lavry AD10 without my fireface 800 (selling it). ADAT direct into my PC would be so excellent. Is there anything available? Thanks!
  18. Mckey

    Probably a no brainer, ADAT Q. in PT

    Trying to set up an Octopre MKII today, problem is in the PT Hardware menu doesn't have the ADAT option under "Optical Format". It has "none" and spdif. Does anyone know why this is missing? I've searched the Duc (I don't know why I still do that), Google, and this forum, nothing yet. Any info...
  19. J

    Help with MOTU 2408 and ADAT lightpipe

    I have a MOTU 2408 Mark 1 and 2-Adat blackface and 2-Adat XT-20s. I am trying to get the Adats into my computer but I can't seem to find a way to get Cubase or Reaper to see the optical inputs. I also don't have a manual for the 2408 and have not had any success locating one via google, yahoo...
  20. J

    Help! Groove Tubes 6TM Power Supply cable Pin out schematic/ ADAT Elco to 1/4" snaKes

    I have an old Groove Tubes 6TM mic with the PS1 Vacuum tube power supply. The mic end looks like the Groove Tubes EC7 cable in that it has a 7-pin connector. The power supply end looks like an 9-pin ADAT sync connector almost like a vga computer display connector. I am in need of the pin out...