1. kmetal

    Is the AEA rpq 2 a good all around choice for hybrid workflow?

    @audiokid @Boswell @everyone Having spec'd most of the new system I'm down to the summing section. The rolls folcrum seems like a great no nonsense box, that allows for creativity with color or transparency, because it's completely passive and requires a pre amp / make up gain stage. A gear...
  2. moonbaby

    AEA R-92

    Hi, I have a friend down here who has an AEA R-92 up for sale at a pretty good price. My only other ribbons are a pair of Beyers (M130/160 combo) and I know that the AEA will be a lot different. I will be looking to mic up some of my vintage tube amps (Supro 1624T, Pro Reverb, etc), plus the...
  3. F

    Wes Dooley of AEA visits Front End Audio

    Legendary ribbon microphone designer Wes Dooley visited Front End Audio to spend the day with our staff and in the studio showing AEA's latest ribbon microphones and newest ribbon microphone preamplifier, the RPQ. read more...
  4. griz

    Have you heard the AEA R44C remake of the old RCA ribbon?

    Have you heard the AEA R44C remake of the old RCA ribbon? Just curious on opinions as to how it compares to the latest and greatest ribbons.
  5. S

    Recording piano with the AEA R84?

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering how some of you have fared recording acoustic (classical) piano with the AEA R84. I would be grateful to hear your impressions. I am considering buying a second R84 to record (classical) flute and piano together. Thank you, Peace,
  6. J

    AEA R84?

    I've got about $1400 to spend on mics for a new home studio, and I am considering getting an AEA R84, which will blow about $900 of my budget. I've read many great reviews of this mic that rave about how it sounds fantastic on almost everything. The other option I've been considering is a...
  7. I

    ATM, Studio Projects, Shure, AEA, Royer, Lawson or Neumann?

    I've been searching for a new vocal mic that will be less bright, more detailed, and has more depth and character than my C1. After reading reviews (mostly paying attention to sound descriptions and comments about what sources worked well and not so well - as opposed to looking at the specs -...
  8. R

    Royer Vs. AEA Ribbon Mics?

    Hi, I am looking into picking up either a Royer 121 or an AEA R84 ribbon mic to use mainly on electric guitars - but versatility is always good. Has anyone tried the two side by side? Does anyone have any insights on the similarities/differences? Thanks! Ryan
  9. S

    AEA R84 Ribbon mic... anyone tried it?

    I am doing spoken word and voiceovers, and my nature is to find THE best vo mic for my work. I use Shure Beta 58s and Rode NTKs, but recently saw Wes Dooley's AEA R84 Ribbon mic that looks like a vintage RCA. Anyone have experience with this mic yet? Or what preamps flatter the ribbons...
  10. M

    AEA's R84 Ribbon mic review

    Hi there. Over the weekend i recieved my new R84 mic and i got to test it on a couple of sources. I figured yall might be interesteded in what i found. First of all, I don't have great preamps (mackie 24x8) and my ward beck pre;s haven't come in yet. But, all of the mics i used went...