1. kmetal

    Akai unlocks MPC Software (v2.2) for all controllers

    Check it out. The MPC Software main page. http://www.akaipro.com/products/software/mpc-software The new features in 2.2 http://www.akaipro.com/ I bought this yesterday, having been planning on the MPC Studio hardware for some time, I can’t wait to move some air with these sounds! The AKAI...
  2. audiokid

    Akai Pro — MPC X Overview & Demo

    Akai go standalone with the brand new MPC Live. the control layout is exactly the same as last year’s MPC Touch controller/interface, with a seven-inch full-colour multi-touch display, 16 backlit pads, four rotary encoders and a master encoder knob. The big difference is stand-alone operation...
  3. S

    AKAI LPK25 records faster than guitar

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right location to post: I am using Fruitloop to record keyboard and guitar via Focusrite iTrack solo. Two channels are recorded individually. I recorded guitar first, no problem. When I started recording keyboard over the guitar, it sounded like the notes...
  4. mberry593

    Akai S3000 floppy format ?

    I am fighting an old Akai S3000. It seems to be working fine but I can't figure out how to format a 3.5" floppy. I have the instruction manual which shows a screen that you get when you push the FORM soft key, but I can't find how to make the FORM label come up. btw, existing floppies load...
  5. audiokid

    Akai MPC Renaissance

    Right on, I've Been waiting 9 months for an MPC Renaissance. Its finally available so I just ordered it. Here is an excellent introduction video on it. Looks like they kept it pretty close to the classic design and added great new features. My MPC 60 died so this is like heaven again. Check it...
  6. B

    popping/clicking on bass track akai sampler

    Can somebody else with an akai sampler (s950) please tell me why I am getting popping and clicking sounds when I assign my bass sound to an individual output? I tried adjusting the key filters and other settings on the envelope but no luck. It's really holding back my progress. I thought it...
  7. U

    MPK mini AKAI professional

    so i just bought one of these the other day. its a piano with 8 beat pads. ive been trying to set it up through studio one artist for a couple days and have had 0 luck. Ive added the instrument and everytime i play a key the sound bar goes up. i record with it and it even shows what keys im...
  8. B

    Akai eie pro

    I just ordered the [="http://www.akaipro.com/eie"]eie pro[/]. It seems like a very good unit especially for the cost. Sadly I have to wait about 2 weeks to get it because it is back ordered. I am just curious if anyone else has played with one yet and what everyone's thoughts on it are.
  9. audiokid

    MPC Renaissance News

    Is it dope or are these guys on dope lol. Is the MPC back? Man, I hope this is a good as it looks! (excluding the video's seriously dated sound track duh). You'd think Akai would have done better than this. I've been waiting years for something to replace my MPC 60. The Renaissance is...
  10. audiokid

    MASCHINE pads vs MPC pads

    Any compare the pads between example the MPC 60 vs NI MASCHINE? How do they feel and respond?
  11. audiokid

    Akai Studio Monitors Opinions

    What are your favorite Akai studio monitors?
  12. audiokid

    AKAI MPD24 USB Drum Pad MIDI Controller

    Has anyone used either of these? I'm wanting to use one of these with window XP to trigger BFD 2 along side with Samplitude/Sequoia 11. I see on the LCD "Cubase LE". Drum controllers are new to me so I'm also wondering if you need specific software for the DAW used with it? Are they close to...
  13. audiokid

    Akai APC40 / Ableton Live Controller Reviews / Opinions

    Just wondering if anyone has, or wants to share their opinions on the new Akai APC40 / Ableton Live controller? Looks very cool. IMHO, Ableton Live is KILLER for composing and organizing thoughts. The APC40 really takes it another step. Enjoy these clips.
  14. stratman312

    maudio or akai controller

    I was planning on getting an m audio axiom midi controller, but at guitar center (I know not the most reputable source, hence why I'm asking) an employee recommened the akai mpk controller b/c he said the sliders and so force weren't always assigned correctly with some recording softwares (I run...
  15. A

    cubase and akai syncronization question

    hi please help me. how can i syncronize cubase and akai s1000 sampler in the way that cubase was master and akai s1000 was slave? (i have m audio delta 24 96 card) can you explain what i should do, step by step? thanks
  16. D

    PC audio directly into MPC 2000XL?

    OKAY!!!! im having trouble figuring this out. I dont care for floppy disks at all. What im trying to do is make it so that the sound from my computer is sent directly into the mpc for sampling, in real time. I have all sorts of stuff on there that i want to sample directly without having to...
  17. S

    AKAI DPS16 question(s)

    Greetings, I am new to the forums and new to the AKAI DPS16... The user manual for our recorder has MIXDOWN to DAT or DISC information but is inadequate for mixing down to burn to cd... We have the SCSI burner, tested functional. The AKAI only burns two tracks (that I can tell), so I am...
  18. J

    please help me set up a Sonar7 and the Akai MPK49

    I Have Sonar7 and the Akai MPK49. I need help setting this thing up. This is my first real Midi controller and its putting a big cramp in my music making. PLEASE HELP!!!
  19. F

    Live Performance with Synths, MPC,...

    First.. hi everyone!! Second... im pretty F*& here! If someone can give me any help ill be very thankful! I usually work with bands, but now i have to setup an dance music band. I dont know how to connect the equip and how to sync everything. This is the list: Mixer Yamaha 01V Clavia...
  20. audiokid

    Akai MPC5000 question

    I'm upgrading my studio this year. Finally its time to put my old MPC60 to rest, LCD screen and pads are worn out. I started out using Roger Linn's LM 1 back in the 80's, them moved to Akai's MPC60. Love it to death. Their new beast, the MPC5000 looks awesome. Has anyone used this yet...