akg 451

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    AKG 451 E vs AKG 451 EB?

    I know the E version of the 451 mic doesn't have the roll off switch. But apart from this, do they sound exactly the same or is there any difference? Both using the CK1 capsule. --TerrorRun
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    AKG 451 + CK 9 opinion?

    Hi I've been getting into post production stuff lately, and found myself needing a shotgun mic. I really haven't try any shotgun besides the Sennheiser MKH 70 for a project when i was in school. Im in the process of getting a pair of AKG 451 EB + CK1 for Drum' OH and acoustic instruments...
  3. R

    AKG c451 - what do you think of it?

    who has used it? how can you compare it to other pencil condensers? anything that you particularly like about it? anything you dislike about it? i dont know much about them; a pair showed up on craigslist for $200/each.
  4. D

    Chameleon Labs TS-1s or AKG 451s for OHs

    I'm looking to spend about $900 on a pair of drum overheads. Anyone have any thoughts on either 451s or Chameleon Labs TS-1s? I've heard the later holds it's own against 451's. Thanks
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    AKG C451s?

    Any opinions? I'm looking to use them as overheads and for acoustic guitar thanks
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    AKG 451E and P48 ? Any known issues?

    Anyone on this forum own AKG 451E or EB? I'm having a very strange problem and I can't figure out what's going on. I'm occasionally hired to do 2 track recordings of recitals and small local bands, and when I'm not multitracking I sometimes hit the club and throw up a couple of mics to record...
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    How To Shockmount a 451?

    Hi all, Well I'm a little aggravated this morning. I've been eyeing the Shure donut mounts for a couple of weeks now and finally picked up a pair. Turns out the diameter of the 451 is too small for the Shure mount! Anyone else have any ideas on how to shockmount a 451? I'd prefer not to...
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    Shure SM81 vs AKG 451b

    My mic closet as it stands contains : AKG Solidtube, SHURE KSM32, AKG C3000b, AKG C1000s (2), Sennheiser 421 (3), SHURE SM57 (2), AKG D112, EV RE20. I believe that the weakest link(s) in my microphone suite are the two AKG C1000s (I can almost hear the seasoned pros sitting around and one...
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    Has anyone here had a chance to compare the new akg 451 to the original with the cardiod capsule. if so what were your impressions? I have a yen for a new pair of small diaphrams. thanks, rrrrrrrrrrr
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    Old or new AKG C451 ?

    Which should I get: The old C451 + CK1 or the new AKG C451B ? I am aware that the new model has a fixed capsule and is supposed to have improved specs (noise, max SPL). How do they compare sound-wise ? Thx for any input, Matthias
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    Coles 4038/AKG 451

    Hi folks, new guy here: jumped over from the Digidesign User Conference. Questions regarding these mics, which I have a few ancient examples of. Does anyone know if the ribbon in a 4038 goes slack with time? The two I have must be over 30 years old, and though they still sound good, there's a...
  12. anonymous

    AKG re releases AKG 451 (an Albini favorite)

    1/2 diaphragm, pencil design Available Jan 2002, at $451.00 matched pairs are available, consequetive serials, matched freq response. "a true reproduction of the original............." :)
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    AKG coming out with a "new" 451

    AKG is going to make a new version of the 451. No teeny threads on the capsule. I think they will be non-removable capsules, cardioid only (BOO). The electronics are descended from the AKG Blue Line, and there will be 2 low cuts, and a 2 position attenuator, unlike the screw-in capacitive pads...
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    From where can I get a couple of AKG C451 Microphone pre

    Hi all! I am looking for an AKG C-451EB microphone "body", ie the preamplifier part of the microphone, and that without the capsules. AFAIK they are out of production, so where could one obtain such a thing? I am interested in up to four of them and they don't even have to be actually in...
  15. B

    451 body repair

    Hello- This might be a little simplistic as it doesn't encompass design/capsule/electronics so i'm postin' it here instead of SP's but if you can help SP that's cool as well! I bought some AKG 451's and on my first outting with em i noticed that the mic cord never "clicked." I tried using a...