akg c214

  1. L

    AKG C214 vs C314

    Hello there, I've had two C214 for a while, using them for home studio recording, mainly vocals and acoustic guitars/ukes. I'm thinking of upgrading to C314 (the desirable 414 being way too expensive for my budget), mainly for their ability to switch between different polar patterns. There...
  2. cathode_ray

    Feelings on AKG C214?

    Heard it stated this is a unidirectional 414. I'm aware of the variety of 414's but is there any similarity in sound?
  3. M

    Voiceover mic AKG C214

    Hi Can anyone guide me as to how will the AKG C214 microphone will be suitable for voiceovers. Anyone who has used the mic, or owned it. Have not found many reviews on the same, if can guide.
  4. J

    noisy AKG c214 - may be counterfeit?

    I upgraded from an AT2020 to AKG c214, i am currently running a lexicon alpha into my laptop and adobe audition 1.5, after connecting the AKG the sound is alot lower with the lexicon setting untouched and the white noise is alot higher than i expected, so i need to turn the mic volume louder...
  5. J

    RODE NTK or AKG C214?

    RODE NTK or AKG C214?
  6. RecordingNewb

    anyone tried out the AKG c214's yet?

    hey all, i was just reading online and saw that AKG just released these new cardioid-only versions of the 414's. they seem interesting, i was just wondering if anyone has actually heard them yet. there don't seem to be any online reviews of them