1. Whitehouse_Prod

    How do you find singles and/or albums the day they are released?

    Having been involved in music for so long it seems like a silly question, but where do you go to find new music the day it is released? When an artist releases a single, how do you know? Is there a convenient place to keep track of this that isn't the radio? I'm not even referring to obscure...
  2. P

    Legendary Albums

    I'm curious about a few records whose production I both adore and admire, and since I'm kind of a n00b to this whole thing, I was hoping you all could shed some light on exactly what was done and used to make these records sound so spectacular. I'm talking equipment, compression, eq, verb...
  3. J

    Music Albums: 1966-Present (NO FLAMING!)

    Probably two of my favortie recording styles of all time are Led Zeppelin's "II" and "IV" albums and "The End of Heartache" (Killswitch Engage) and "The Oncoming Storm" (Unearth), both produced by Adam Dutkiewicz. I have a few questions regarding them: 1. Regarding II and IV, what techniques...
  4. R

    Classic albums recorded on 80 series Neve consoles

    I'm trying to compile a list of great albums recorded on 80 series Neve consoles. Can anyone help with some suggestions?
  5. took-the-red-pill

    Info on how infamous albums were recorded

    Kinda like the guy that ws asking aobut the micing on Miles Davis' album, I'm wondering if there is any books or websites that talk about the intimate recording details of how some of our more famous recordings were done, and/or how recording engineers have handled certian situations in the...
  6. S

    Underground Artists Interested in selling albums

    I just recently this past weekend started a new company online where underground artists can get their albums heard and possible sold at a central location or store. Its at and I started it to see how good it will do. Its still in very basic mode but already had...
  7. H

    What gear do you use to master Rock albums ???

    This might be a wide type of question, but I would really appreciate your answers. I plan on starting to learn to master mainly rock albums. I have my own recording studio, but I dont intend on mastering what I record. Im going to master other people's work. What mastering compressor, EQ...
  8. Thomas W. Bethel

    Best or Worst Mastered Albums?

    Besides the albums mentioned on Bob Katz's site ( what are some really well done or really BADLY done albums that people are listening to or staying away from for the total content including mastering? I know for example that the Red Hot Chili Peppers album...
  9. K

    Worst production on albums????

    Let's see what kind of stuff we get for this one. Let's make it "worst production on well-known albums"(no unheard of bands). I would like to know some of those albums where everything is right except the production. Good performance, good songs, good groups, bad recordings. Let's have it...
  10. K

    Favorite production on albums

    2 parts: 1. What are some of your favorite albums, as far as sound and engineering quality. 2. Are there any good documentaries or programs I could get that show bands in the studio actually working, Just to see real footage of albums actually being made? I love to watch stuff like that.
  11. N

    Recent over-compressed albums

    I'm just listening to Chevelle's Wonder what's next... Love the album, the tone, the kick drum is beefy and cuts right through. But wow is it over-compressed. Listen the second track (comfortable liar) and listen to when the heavy parts come in, The crashes and bass just make this huge...