1. Michael Fossenkemper

    Algorithmix Blue

    Well Dave Mcnair (AKA: the gear whore) has the demo of the Algorithmix Blue eq and I went up to his place to go take a listen to it. A definate add to your eq list of things to try out. for a plugin eq it's sweet. I think it's in the $900 range
  2. Cucco

    Algorithmix or CEDAR restoration (NOT...)

    Hey guys! Is anyone here interested in either of these wonderful tools (specifically their spectral editors)? Does anyone want to know how to get these without spending the $3000 or more but still get a LEGAL solution? Who thinks the Adobe Audition version sucks??? Okay, sorry to...
  3. Cucco

    Algorithmix -- HOLY CRAP

    Okay, getting beyond the huge price of admission for these plugs, I can only simply state that these plugs are without a doubt - the real deal. Rich, I can see why you've praised them in the past. Here's the ones I've messed around with and my thoughts: LP EQ Orange - This is a...