1. Link555

    Altec 436A Resurrection....

    Brought back to life, the oscilloscope pic show how it arrived (that was its output with a sign wave on its input). I recapped the unit, added threshold, attack and release controls. Now its is a pretty amazing box.
  2. audiokid

    Altec Lansing Studio Monitors Opinions

    What's your favorite Altec Lansing studio monitors?
  3. P

    Altec 1567A mixer hum, help needed

    Hi, I got an Altec 1567A mixer and hooked up a line level signal (like a CD player) to input 1 octal socket pin 7 hot and 8 ground. Pins 5 & 7 are linked. The output is connected to output octal socket pin 7 hot, pin 8 ground. It has a bad hum/low frequency buzz, I think its the way its...
  4. B

    altec 1608a

    I recently aquired an altec 1608a and was wondering if anyone had any information on this piece. I was hoping to use it as a mic pre... any info would be great
  5. J

    Vintage preamps - Altec 1567a tube mixer - help?!?

    I just purchased an Altec 1567a Tube mixer on ebay. I use an apple powerbook w/ mbox. I'm one of "those guys" who don't know $*^t about the schematics of vintage gear (yet), but am in love with their sound. I've been recording on everything TUBE and 2" machines at a few studios ... just...
  6. T

    Altec 9475a - mic preamps A class

    Anyone ever heard of these? are they any good? i could get 2 for a pretty nice price. but i want to know if theyre any good? What would be a good use for them? Would they be good on vocals (celine dion,Mariah carey, Whitney houston) type of voice? ill be waiting to hear from you! Thanks
  7. took-the-red-pill

    Retooling an old Altec 1567 ?

    So I apparently won the pre-amp lottery. I scored an Altec Lansing 1567A, 4 into 1 pre amp, long ago in a garage sale for $5. As it turns out, unbeknownst to me, some are saying it's a great sounding pre. It's all hand wired, decades old, and sports a bunch of 12AX7's in the back of it...
  8. E

    Altec 1567A

    Hey all! There's one or two post regarding this unit, but was hoping to get some more peoples views on it - especially at the price. Check it: I could just save a bit more for a 2ch Seb...
  9. TrilliumSound

    Vintage Altec Model 19 Anyone know about these ?

    Hi, Anyone know about these Vintage Altec Model 19 "studio/mastering" classic monitors supposively ? Thanks !
  10. B

    Old Altec compressors

    I have access to a restored pair of Altec C322A compressors. Anybody have thoughts on them? I'm not an old Altec guy, so I don't know if these are some of the wildly sought-after models. Any idea what they're worth? Thanks for the help.
  11. J

    Beatles Altec compressors

    Hello Everyone, I've always heard that Paul's bass went through a TUBE version of the Altec comp. Maybe a 436 or 438C. Now while looking at page 165 of "the complete Beatles Recording Sessions" I'm seeing what appear to be Altec comps, but they appear closer to the 1591A. 436/438's all have...
  12. D


    I have an option to by one of these for really cheap. I was wondering if anyone has used them or something similar as mic pres. I noticed they don't have any xlr or 1/4 outs. How did you solve this problem.
  13. D

    inquiring about altec 1220 preamps

    as the subject implies, i'm wondering about the quality of the preamps in these old altec 1220 mixing boards it's impossible to test it out in the store, so if anyone has any comments, please, let me know
  14. M

    opinions on Altec 1612a

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me what are the best uses for this piece of gear? It's a solid state mic/line-pre with limiter from the 70ies. From what I've heard, it's supposed to be a killer on guitar cabinets and bass. Any experiences? Recommendations on setting it up? a friend abroad...
  15. F

    Altec preamp/mixer 1692A?

    hello everyone, does anyone know if this altec preamp/mixer rack unit is any good? I found two in a pawn shop and i dont know if they are worth it for 150 bucks each... if anyone knows i'd appreciate your opinion! thanks
  16. A

    altec, ampex , other old mic preamps any good?

    Hello, I'm attempting to purchase some good mic pres. I just got a Pendulum audio dual pre and am looking for a couple of less expensive pres to complement the Pendulum and get a Beatleish sound. Lately I've seen some Altec and Ampex tube mic pres on Ebay going for a few hundred. Has anyone used...
  17. anonymous

    Altec "Birdcage" mic?

    I have the opportunity to buy an Altec "Birdcage" ribbon mic for around $800. I really know nothing about this mic, other than the fact it looks incredibly cool. Looks a little like Darth Vader - about the size of a squared-off softball. My question is: does anyone know about this mic? Is it...
  18. A

    altec stuff

    anyone cares to share some lights on these: altec 1612 limiter altec 1592 mixer any info...... ronnie
  19. H

    Altec 436b problem

    There's no "Tech Help" forum on this site, but this is the "Gear" forum, so I'll try here. I have several pieces of old Altec tube gear, all of which have been put back into "like new" condition. Unfortunately, the compressor, a 436b, has started distorting no matter how I set the single gain...
  20. F

    Altec 458 A Preamps?

    I am not sure what forum this should go in... I also posted at Advanced Audio... I'm posting this for a friend that does not have internet access currently... He is doing a project where he's outfitting a new studio for doing live broadcasts of jazz. Part of the rig will be taking a bunch of...