1. T

    Problems with AMD Radeon HD 5450.

    I bought this video card because in most forums and magazines they recommend AMD graphic cards .And it not disturb the audio with latency . But I have problems with that the tracks in my DAW (REAPER) chops and sometimes freezes for about 5 sec. What causes that ? I´m running windows 7 64 bit ...
  2. M

    INTEL I5 (ivybridge) vs AMD FX 8320

    Intel Core i5 3470 - 3.2GHz - 1MB L2 - 6MB L3 or the AMD FX-8320 - 3.5GHz - 8MB L2 - 8MB L3 Which would you guys recomend for an audio PC. Obviously this is not a professional build. Its for my home PC, but I would like to run as plug ins as possible. Plus midi. I will of course be using...
  3. S

    AMD vs INTEL

    I am beginning to build a rig that will be dedicated to being used in our slowly growing home studio. At the moment we are using FL Studios 10 on my everyday custom rig I built a few years ago. It has served us well the past few months but has developed problems. So hear I am researching to try...
  4. I

    AMD system worththe expense?

    Looking to to do an upgrade...would love to go intel but AMD is really inviting, $ per performance. Has anyone had good experience with AMD system? If so what components seem to work. Thanks!
  5. R

    Which 2009 processor brand is better and why? AMD or INTEL?

    Hi. I'm looking at putting together a Windows box. I've heard a rumor that VST's actually *LIKE* AMD processors. Is this true? If I were using VST's, would building an AMD box be a good start? What are other advantages or disadvantages one would consider when constructing a new...
  6. cathode_ray

    MOTU and AMD ?

    MOTU and AMD ? I wanna get a MOTU UltraLite. I have a AMD dualcore with ASUS MoBo. I know I need a TI firewire card 'cause the interface "speaks" directly to that. My concern is with the AMD processor - (which I've used with TASCAM for 2 years). I've heard people say they have "issues" with...
  7. B

    Which Mobo for AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+

    Hi! The reason I'm asking help is that it's virtually impossible to find A8V or any nForce3 ultra mobos anymore (at least this is the case in Finland). I was gonna stick with my good old AGP card but as it seems, there's no way to avoid PCI-E cards anymore. Thus, which Mobo should I get (for...
  8. M

    thanks re: AMD or Intel

    Hi all....thanks so much for all the Input, suggestions and information. It's been a great help. Here's the master plan. Please feel frr to poke holes in it. I have a Korg Triton Pro and I plan to buy some software which will give this keyboard the ability to perform the same as the Korg...
  9. M

    AMD or Intel

    Hi....will ALL current programmes run properly on the new 64 bit AMD/Intel processors, providing I use the current 32 bit Operating System....IOW...are the new chips 100% backward compatible? Also....I've read that top end audio programmes are written around the Intel there...
  10. C

    dual core amd versus 2 xeon cpu's

    I'm just about to upgrade my daw and have seen two good options. One is a dual core amd 64x2 and the other has two xeon 3.2ghz cpu's. My question is, do you think I would notice a significant speed advantage with the twin xeon system (about a grand more than the amd 64x2)? I use Cubase SX3...
  11. T

    Amd Athlon 64 and suitable motherboard?

    I am planning for AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 939) and would like to know which motherboard will be suitable for my expected specifications. I wish to get the motherboard (Socket 939) that enables the below specs: MUST BE COMPATIBLE with my Tascam US-122 (Anyone with experience?) Supports...
  12. A

    Specific problems with ATI Chispet and Layla

    Hi - I'm currently building a DAW and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the following configuration. I'll be using SONAR, waves plugins, soft synths and I'd like be able to have stability with at least 40 tracks of audio/midi. I won't be recording more than 16 tracks of audio at once...
  13. O

    amd or intel ... 512 or 1 gb...

    hello, im starting a new thread because i feel i am not asking my question correctly..let me try again i am upgrading my pcs mainboard, proccessor and ram within the week and need to know what is the best deal for my money.. the music i make uses a combination of vsti's (all native...
  14. M

    issues with amd or intel

    In the machine Im planning on building ive yet to make the big or seems alot of programs arent compatible with amd is this true? it looks as if reason isnt but im not sure...can I get a little help please? thanks guys.
  15. G

    Noob question on an AMD system

    Hi all, I'm thinking about upgrading the core of my DAW. I was thinking of a mobo with an nForce3 chipset since my Tascam FW1082 seems to be allergic to anything with a VIA sticker on it. :evil: My dilemma is with the processor: I'm not willing to spend the $$ that is needed for an...
  16. M

    AMD 64 - Pro Tools 6.4 Doesn't Work!

    So I just bought myself a custom built, with a AMD 64 bit processor. When I load Pro Tools I click on the Icon and my system automatically resets. I've loaded the PT software on a 32 bit system and it loads fine. I think it might be a problem with the chipset. I'm using a NForce 4 chipset. Has...
  17. B

    Need Guidcance - Best Mobo For AMD64 DAW?

    I'm one of the unfornute guys who went out and bought a pci-e/SLI motherboard with the intention of using it for a DAW. I also "jumped the gun" and bought a pci-e video card prior to doing my homework. (To sum it up I took advice from SOMEONE WHO HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT)...
  18. M

    Mobo for AMD 64bit 939

    Hey Gang I've had a good trawl through some posts and it seems that the Gigabyte K8ns Ultra 939 is a mobo of choice for the AMD 64bit 939.. (Gonna be using RME cards) Question...Is the Winchester the preferable beast, and what is the current du jor model for blistering VSTi performance...
  19. C

    External Controllers (01x/Tascam 1884) using AMD64 and MAC

    Problem, looking for a external controller for DAW software while connecting a MAC and PC to work in harmony: My systems: AMD64 @ 2.8 (crushes 2.5 in terms of vst plug-ins) AMD XP 2800 Looking for a controller device, with or without FX. Would like to use Digital Performer, Pro-Tools or...
  20. T

    AMD 64...what is a good motherboard?

    I'm thinking of building an AMD 64 system and read to find a motherboard without onboard audio or video. Can anyone advise on a make/model of motherboard that I can look into? Also, I'm using Cubase SX 2.0 and a Tascam FW-1884....should I go with Intel or AMD?