1. audiokid

    Ampex - a look into the past

  2. D

    Ampex 351 master/slave electronics

    Hi, this is my first post. I've been lurking on here for years and soaking up a ton of great info, so a big thanks to all the contributors! Now to my question... I've been sourcing out components to put together an Ampex 351 recorder. So far I've got a line on a 351 transport with ag440...
  3. Papalion

    Ampex 351-2 EQ box info requested?

    First, I'm brand new to the site, I have read some of the fine threads and it all looks good. I'm recently retired, had a medium sized Music store for a long time. Lots of tube gear still around. Specifically> I own an Ampex 351 with 2 amplifers and this box which is labeled ~ Equalization...
  4. E

    Ampex ATR 700

    Hello All I have a chance to acquire an Ampex ATR 700, if it works is it worth $200 ? Is their any info online for operation? Thanks for any info. Best Regards Paul
  5. I

    Ampex Ag440 Tape machine?

    So I am a college student, and I have a workstudy job in one of the buildings on campus. There is a history of Post-Production work at my college, so there is vintage stuff laying around all over. So I was organizing a pile of chair cushions in the basement, and lo and behold, there is an Ampex...
  6. S

    Ampex 354

    Has anyone used a an Ampex 354 mic pre? I know they were made as mic pres for the Ampex tape machine, but someone I know is selling one. I would love any opinions on them in the studio...what they have sounded good with, etc. Thanks!
  7. S

    Ampex 350 vs. 351

    Does anyone know how to tell the difference between an Ampex 350 vs. a 351? A friend of mine has a couple of these Ampex pres, and from pictures i've found it obviously one or the other, but there is nothing on either of them to distinguish which model it is. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. A

    Ampex Mic pre

    G'day all, I am toying with buying some Ampex AG440 mic pre's that are on an auction site down these parts. From what I can tell, they were originally bundled with the Ampex reel to reels of the same model......... Any one had, or has these that can tell me what they think of them...
  9. C

    Need help with an Ampex atr-700 tape machine

    Hi all, A friend of mine just acquired an Ampex atr-700 reel to reel tape machine. He got it from the company he works for while they were cleaning out some old gear. We wanted to try doing transfers of some digital material to tape to see how it sounded. The material in question is 24bit...
  10. T

    Ampex mm1100 playback levels

    I just picked up a 2'' ampex mm1100 and am curious if I'm recording music (after aligning the maching) at 0 vu and I've set the machine up for +6 at 0 vu (if that makes sense), should the playback be the same level or lower? When I play back the music from the machine, the vu meters seem a lot...
  11. johnwy

    Has Ampex finally drawn its last breath?

    :( I just read an article that says that the Quantegy plant in Opelika, Alabama has closed yesterday in lieu of restructuring after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. here is the link to the article...
  12. B

    Need some help with some mysterious Ampex parts

    I'm gussings it's a Reel-Reel tape system, on the main part the model number is VPN-2. I'm hoping the Amp is worth some money, if anyone knows anything about this product please let me know, I can take some pictures to help you determine if it's worth anything. Thanks a lot.
  13. A

    altec, ampex , other old mic preamps any good?

    Hello, I'm attempting to purchase some good mic pres. I just got a Pendulum audio dual pre and am looking for a couple of less expensive pres to complement the Pendulum and get a Beatleish sound. Lately I've seen some Altec and Ampex tube mic pres on Ebay going for a few hundred. Has anyone used...
  14. U

    Ampex 601 mic pre's

    anyone got info on these? seem interesting, but would like to know any strength/weaknesses...I did search around and could not find much useful info, if any...
  15. C

    Condition of '78-'79 era Ampex 406?

    Hello all... not sure if this is the best forum for this question, but here goes. A client recently brought in some old 2-track 15 ips masters for me to transfer to digital, and I'm not familiar with the longevity of this particular formulation. (For example, I _do_ know a bit about mid-80's...