1. audiokid

    AT-HA5050H Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

    Look at this! AT-HA5050H Hybrid Headphone Amplifier (US$5999.00) . Looks beautiful and most likely sounds glorious.
  2. I

    Crown Power Amplifier?

    Was simply wondering what amplifier I should get for my studio monitors. I do not have powered speakers nor do I want to buy them. Not sure on the specs on my 2 monitors but I'm surely going to need an amplifier w/ 2 outputs that would bridge out in mono to each speaker. This setup is...
  3. C

    Crown PCC-160

    Hi guys, that's my very first post!:redface: i love your forum, you gave me great advices, i hope my english is understandable... ok, i am audio engineer in a teather and i have to buy some mics for actors on stage.. someone told me about the Crown PCC-160 being an excellent choice for this...
  4. B

    Wiring a sub to a crown power amp?

    Im stuck again, i just bought a new sub to go with my klipsch speakers for my mixing station. Speakers=klipsch wf-35's Sub=tannoy revolution sub 1001 Power amp=crown 202 (no sub out). The crown has speaker terminals out that are wired to the klipsch and it also has speakon output connectors...
  5. audiokid


    Crown Professional Audio
  6. audiokid

    (term) Amplifier

    An amplifier is an electronic device that increases the voltage, current or power of a signal. Used in wireless communication, broadcasting and in audio equipment, they can be categorized as either weak-signal amplifiers or power amplifiers. Weak-signal amplifiers are used primarily in...
  7. pmolsonmus

    Anybody used/ using QSC powered speakers?

    Hi, I like qsc's amps, really quite good bang for the buck and haven't had any issues. The sound company that may be doing the install in a black box theater in our school is recommending qsc's powered speakers. Any real-life stories. I have heard them and think they would fit the bill...
  8. R

    Crown XTi4000 for Bose 802 III series

    Hi, I'm actually a Bose user.Normally will use a Parraller Bose (2 on Left and 2 on Right for my small concert...I'm now looking for a New Amplifier to pair with my Bose...What's your recommendation?and my budget is around USD1k.What do you think about Crown XTi4000? Type of Music...
  9. I

    replacing Crown amplifiers

    I'm thinking of retiring a rack full of venerable Crown amps (VZ5000, 3600 & 2400) and replacing them with something a bit more modern, such as MC2: Any thoughts? They will be used roughly equally for live gigs and club nights, in a permanent install, driving EAW...
  10. A

    QSC vs. Crown

    are these two really equals? someone told me that the specs were very similar and that when you are buying crown you are buying the name. we are comparing macro-tech and RMX here i suppose. i noticed the top QSC 5000 SV or whatever is 3RU as opposed to crown which is 2, any significance?
  11. R

    crown cm-310a

    hi there, i have heard various opions on the crown cm-310 mic. some say it sounds just fine others say it sounds bad.what is the general concencus? does it really sound any worse than any other small diaphrame condenser mic (like the shure beta 87's or sennheiser e865)or is it just that some...
  12. S

    Power amps Carvin VS QSC

    Hi everyone. I'm in the market for live performance (weddings etc.) power amps. Carvin HD 1800 ($349) would be ideal. QSC carries its 2450 which runs for I belive $599. $400 is the most I can spend. How would you campare quality and durability of the two makes? Please elaborate on the subject...
  13. M

    Recording bowed strings with Crown GLM's

    Any tips on mic placement etc. please for recording bowed strings (folk fiddles, cello) with Crown GLM subminiature mics? Reason is I've got a some GLM-100s and a 200 for gigs, and I read that the Turtle Island String Quartet recorded their 1st CD using GLM's. For gigs I wedge the pop shield...
  14. R

    audix 0m7, elecrovoice ND967, crown 310 mics best?

    ive done a little research and all 3 of these mics claim to give the most gain before feedback. i wondered if anyone had had any experience with them and which might actually do the job best and sound good doing it at the same time. thanks :)
  15. E

    Crown Amplifier for NS-10's

    Hey ya'll I'm in the market for an amplifier that will be used with NS-10M as the primary speakers. In my experience, a Crown amp of 1000 watts minimum sounds as good as anything for these particular speakers. My question: Does anyone have any specific model suggestions for the amp -...
  16. A

    Crown DC300A Lab

    Crown DC300A Lab. Power Amplifier DC to 100K +/-0.5dB JA! I had to send off the review piece I really liked and hooked up the beast (without fuses) Rock ass solid. Smooth too! Legato headroom on long bottom notes. Fast, no pain. Balls good, not punchy balls (IOC lights come on quick) but...
  17. H

    Opinions??? Crown Dc 300 amp. Anyone???

    I have the opportunity to buy a Crown Dc 300 amp for $250. Is this a decent amp? Decent price? I have little experience with amps and I would appreciate your opinions. :confused:
  18. H

    Crown Dc 300 amp (opinions please)

    I have the opportunity to buy a Crown Dc 300 amp but have little knowledge about amps and their prices. He is asking $275 and says the unit is in near mint condition. I use NS-10's but am thinking about selling them and buying a pair of Tannoy Reveals. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys...