1. T

    Recording analog drum machines to Tascam Portastudio

    Hi there, I'd like to know if any of you have every tried recording analog drum machines onto a Tascam Portastudio? I want to record a Korg Volca Beats to my Tascam Portastudio 414 mkii but no matter what I try there's feedback and the kick sounds very unstable. Any help at all? Thanks!
  2. audiokid

    (term) Analog

    Analog - Analog representations of sound replicate its waveform, while transferring it through different media. All sound is analog. Audio may be analog or digital.
  3. J

    Audio card INPUTS : Which is better? 1/4" TRS and TS or SPDIF (coax digital)

    Which do you think is better for audio card INPUTS (not outputs): 1/4" TRS and TS or SPDIF (coax digital) 1. The balanced input jack on the audio card is rated at being 104 to around 107 dBA SNR. 2. We all know the SPDIF input is basically digital 1's and 0's. 3. Both inputs are 24-bit /...
  4. kmetal

    Routing analog & digital audio between two DAWS

    Hey all, I'm doing the planning for my new system. I have magix samplitude pro x, and I'm considering protools HD12. Magix would be the main capture/compose/edit system due to high track count and clean coding. PTHD would be primarily for mixing (mainly volumes and panning). Since it does 10...
  5. ClarkJaman

    Electric Guitar Tremolo Effects - Analog vs Digital

    Hey everyone, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on analog vs digital tremolo effects, especially on electric guitar. To be clear, I am not talking about what Fender (erroneously) calls "tremolo arms" on guitar, also known as whammy bars, which is actually a vibrato effect. I am talking...
  6. jjitter

    Levels and Metering - Analog v/s Digital

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to find information on mixing, especially reading levels on a firewire connected analog mixer. In my case I use NI maschine, Cubase to sequence, with Yamaha n12 taking in all the instruments. I was wondering how do firewire mixers and their meters work? For e.g...
  7. Ungeeignet

    Dissertation questionnaire analogue vs digital

    Questionnaire: Can Analogue and digital recording co-exist? 1) What is your preferred medium for recording, analog tape or digital and why? 2) Do you feel there is still a cold vs warm debate in terms of actual recording medium and front end and processing equipment given digital...
  8. Press

    Dangerous Music “2-BUS+” Analog Summing

    Press submitted a new resource: [=""]Dangerous Music “2-BUS+” Analog Summing[/] - Dangerous Music,2-BUS+, Analog Summing,hybrid audio...
  9. waveform

    Looking for information on an analog concept piece of equipment

    I can't remember where the link is, or the name of the piece of equipment but: To make you better understand my question, let me first say this: For those who were lucky enough to be able to afford a 2' tape - Reel to Reel running at 30IPS, you obviously have the advantage of recording something...
  10. soundfactory

    AMEK/NEVE 9098 Analog Console

    We bought couple of years ago this amazing analog console. Will be great to know what everyone of you think about analog console and if some one of you have ever tried this console. Thanx for supporting us. Alexandro Adriano Chief Engineer Sound Factory Europe
  11. DonnyThompson

    analog transfers between uncoupled DAW's

    Okay... so, I've got a decent second audio I/O for several days... a friend of mine is letting me use his Focusrite I/O while he's on vacation, so I thought I'd try mixing to a separate DAW. Questions... There will be no external analog summing involved, hi voltage or otherwise. So, without...
  12. DP75

    AK-11 (for analog-synth-geeks)

    I recently purchased a Waldorf MicroWave (Rev B, CEM 3387, OS 2.0) and instantly fell in love with it, up to the extent I recorded a track using the MW as the only instrument (drums aside): LINK DELETED - TOS VIOLATION There is no mastering here, just a mix upped to 0 db. All synth parts were...
  13. DonnyThompson

    analog modeling observations

    I've been digging into Samplitude's analog modeling suite for a few weeks now, and I can say with total confidence that it is exactly as it is described - modeling. BUT.. what I've also found is that while it's not the same as using the real outboard pieces that they've been designed to...
  14. ChrisH

    Analogue Console Options 15K or less

    Hi friends! I'm in the market for a console. - Price point 15K or less. - 16 channels or more - At least 4 bus' - Automation Ive been searching the market and have found a couple contenders.. We have... 1. The Audient ASP4816 2. Allen & Heath...
  15. audiokid

    Preparing for more analog gear

    :) They are prepared for the next order.
  16. audiokid

    Harrison 950mx Analog Console : workflow

    This looks great. I want :love: [=""]View:[/] I would choose something like this, These guys appear to be going in the direction I'm looking. The 2:00 min mark is spot on.
  17. DonnyThompson

    The Golden Age of Analog Recording

    Most of the time, I always say that it's usually best if an artist or band doesn't write and arrange while using precious studio hours. Unless of course, it's 1972-73, you're at Abbey Road, and you also happen to be Pink Floyd, recording what will eventually become one of the greatest selling...
  18. F

    recording to analogue tape

    Which order do you advise when recording to analog tape, the following... The kick drum channel on the mixer would have a noise gate,compression and parametric linked in to the insert. I was going to do...out of the insert into the Eq into the compressor into the noise gate and back into the...
  19. M

    How to easily edit out some low level analog artifacts

    Hi, I have an audio cassette that I am going to transfer to digital. 1. Is there an adapter I can run from the cassette player out to my presonus interface (VSL 22) that would let me do the analog to digital conversion? Or should I just mic it up old school off the cassette deck and capture it...
  20. audiokid

    The value of analog gear

    Food for thought. One of my UA 1176LN input pots (UREI 600 ohm T-Bridge Input Pot for UREI/ UA 1176) started getting scratchy. It was under warranty so UA replaced it. I have another 1176 here which could start acting up some day too so maybe I should be looking for a backup (or two) now...