antelope audio

  1. kmetal

    Antelope Amari- insane specs!

    138db dynamic range on the DAC, 124db on the ADC. 384khz sample rates (192k on the digital i/o). $3,000 USD current street price. USB connectivity. I haven't seen any reviews on this thing yet, but if the drivers are stable, this thing smokes (based on specs). It matches RME's ADI-2 pro adc...
  2. kmetal

    Thoughts on digital trim Antelope Orion 32HD

    Looks like antelope is acknowledging the uses of digital trim. Their doing it thru a reworking of thier dsp chip, as opposed to im guessing a hardware relay or something on some other designs? Also something that struck me was the guy being interviewed saying digital trim gets a bad rap becuase...
  3. audiokid

    Antelope 10M, reviews, online examples, testimonials

    I'm curious how you where first introduced to the Antelope 10M. Specifically what convinced you to buy or use it? What impressed you the most about it? Does it make the $6000 difference? Does it greatly improve the Orion32? I first heard about it when two versions of a song were accidentally...
  4. Chris Perra

    Antelope Zen Studio - thoughts and comparisons

    I just got my hands on an Antelope Zen Studio today.. Cool unit.. very easy to use.. I'll be comparing it to a M audio Profire 2626 and Behringer Ada 8200 through an ancient RME digiset that was sold by Steinberg back in the day. So far.. I've just had a chance to listen to some speaker test...
  5. audiokid

    Antelope Audio

    audiokid submitted a new resource: Antelope Audio - Antelope Audio launches of three new game-changing products at Musikmesse 2016 in Germany Read more about this resource...
  6. audiokid

    Antelope Orion 32 Mod What do you guys make of this. I'm wondering how companies like Antelope make a , so called "world class" converter, then a few months later Black Lion Audio upgrades it. They also offer the improved clock, which the 10M made no...
  7. audiokid

    Antelope Audio Presents "Butterflies" using Zen Studio

    Pretty impressive. This is a really affordable SS Pre/converter/interface. The track sounds a bit edgy/ top heavy? but its definitely very impressive to me. Nothing a few extra tracking tools wouldn't solve. What do you think? Here are stems and more info...
  8. audiokid

    Antelope Audio 10M, fact or fiction

    Without Prejudice: I want to be very clear about this post. I appreciate good gear that help the mutual advancement towards better recording. I will try to be careful with my words. Fact or fiction? Hype or BS? Demystifying Super Clocks. Who needs an external clock? I used the 10m for over...
  9. Press

    Antelope Audio MP8d eight-channel mic preamp with A/D conversion.

    Press submitted a new resource: [=""]Antelope Audio MP8d eight-channel mic preamp with A/D conversion.[/] - Antelope Audio MP8d eight-channel mic preamp with A/D conversion...
  10. audiokid

    Antelope Pure2 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock

    Man, Antelope Audio is on Fire! Reverb Warning!!! lol. (n) ----------------------------- Los Angeles, October 7, 2014 — As part of a multi-dimensional product unveiling at the 137th International AES Convention, leading professional audio gear manufacturer Antelope Audio introduces Pure2, a...
  11. audiokid

    Antelope Satori Monitor Controller & Summing

    Video Mastering-grade transparency Satori provides a monitoring solution that maintains the sound coming from the source, especially when the D/A is handled by the clear and natural-sounding Antelope family of converters. Antelope Audio's extensive background in designing pristine analog...
  12. Tony Carpenter

    Antelope do it again - MP32

    Here it is, wish I had known before getting my 2 focusrites... Link removed
  13. Josh Conley

    Antelope Zen Studio

    So I noticed sweetwater was having a 24 month no interest sale going on. That's pretty keen thought I to myself, being I am in the market for at least 4 more preamps right now. I could pay off a pretty decent chunk of cash in 2 years,so I think my financial reasoning is sound. I really want a...
  14. audiokid

    MADI works great with the Orion 32

    Not much more to add on this OP other than say, I have been on PCIe AES for years. I've switched to an RME MADI PCIe interface last night and did 64 tracks at 88.2 including midi and vsti processing without a glitch. I'm summing 32 tracks AD and my system is shockingly fast and very stable...
  15. audiokid

    Antelope Audio - Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC

    Antelope Audio is the next big bang in pro audio. thumb I started following Antelope Audio a few years back and recently tested out, then bought the new Orion 32 for my hybrid summing system. From what I'm personally hearing, I just saw this article posted by hummingbirdmedia...
  16. audiokid

    Orion 32 vs - How does it stack up?

    I need your ears! I just set-up the new Antelope Orion32 in my studio. The tests begin. Trust your ears. I have a beautiful piano track recorded by John Dutton which I mixed through my hybrid rig. I'm using some very expensive converters vs the New Orion32. I've done my best to match...
  17. audiokid

    Antelope Audio - Hanging Out with Howie Weinberg

    What a cool guy sharing some great info from 120volt rails, clocking, analog gear, compression, order of gear and more. Thanks Howie and Marcel!
  18. audiokid

    Antelope Orion 32 Multichannel Converter

    USB or MADI 32 channel converters are coming at a more affordable price. Check out the Orion 32:
  19. audiokid

    Antelope Audio Isochrome 10M Atomic Clock Explained

    Testimonial on why this clock helps so much. Jeff Ehrenberg explains how this is similar to a 2 track machine, a more defined center channel. Takes a mix and makes it 3D. Better reverb tails, tighter bottom end.
  20. audiokid

    Antelope Audio 384 kHz AD DA Converter, Master Clock, Monitoring

    This looks pretty nice: big image All in a Two Space Rack Unit Called Eclipse 384 Antelope Eclipse 384's features Clocking 64-bit DSP Trinity-quality clocking 0.001 PPM Oven-controlled oscillator Two...