1. Dr. Fuse

    Apex 205 test recording

    Just tested my Apex 205 ribbon mic. The only mod I performed was the basic one, of removing the inner wind shields. Not much detail or air, but it has a nice, warm-ish sound. Recorded about 4 feet away from the f-holes, in my shoebox living room - no acoustical treatment. How much improvement...
  2. S

    AT3035 vs Apex 460

    I have an AT3035.....but have heard that the Apex 460 is amazing and identical to the Telefunken M16 which is an over 100 dollar mic.....for only around 300 dollars I am giving serious consideration to purchasing this mic, but if the AT3035 is somehow better than a microphone identical to a 100...
  3. K

    Yet another Apex 460 mod forum...

    Hey, I finally decided to do some mods to my Apex 460, and after looking through the hundreds of forums with the Apex 460 mods, I still have some questions. I'm pretty new to mic modding, so some questions might be on the stupider side, but please help if you can. First off, I've just...
  4. B

    The Apex 210 ribbon mic, any thoughts

    Has anyone any used the Apex 210 ribbon mic. I got one last year for my birthday and haven't used it yet I have pluged it in and compaired it a little and found it very deep/ bassy/ rich or maybe even heavy would be a good word. any thoughts or experience
  5. R

    apex 460 upgrade advice

    Hello, I have a pair of apex 460's that I'm going to upgrade with Dave Thomas. I'm trying to figure out which option to choose to complement my current collection. He offers three verieties, 1. capsule simalar to u87/u67/m239. 2. capsule similar to c12/elam 251. 3. capsule similar to u47. I...
  6. A

    Modded Apex mic a good choice?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/APEX-435-MICROPHONE-WITH-PELUSO-CEK-89-CAPSULE_W0QQitemZ7412260535QQcategoryZ29950QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem I'm looking for something fairly flexible....Ideally i was trying to find one with multipile patterns but I saw this and thought it seemed like a great deal. The...
  7. R

    Apex 460 and Telefunken M16. The Same mic?

    I saw this over at another forum I frequent. Check it out. Identical parts, etc. The Tele is a $1399 mic, and the Apex is a $229 mic. PS - Dan Richards does not sell these Apex OR Tele mics at his store (I tried to get the Apex from him). I'm gonna try one for kicks and grins. Any input...
  8. N

    Apex 435 vs Studio Projects B1

    Hey, I'm looking into picking up a condenser mic for recording vocals and acoustic guitar. I'm thinking the cheaper the better, but if there is a big difference between two models for a relatively small difference in price then I'll consider shelling out a bit of extra cash. The two models I...
  9. J

    MIxer Settings To Get The Best Out Of An Apex 420

    Hi? I have a serious ? I'm new to the music scene and I'm having trouble getting my vocals and others to sound..... well like a normal voice should. I'm using a Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer, its preamping my Apex 420 mic. The ? i have is wut are some good mixer eq's or settings to get a good tone...
  10. D

    Apex 450 mic

    Does anyone know anything about this mic. Is it worth picking up at $699.00 Cnd. Give me the dirt if you could. Thanks Dink