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    Understanding and optimizing Ashly xover help?

    Hey guys, I just purchased an Ashly XR 1001 unit with the intention of using it in a 3-way mono old school setup trying to get back the sound I had back in the 80s. I have used analog xovers in the past but to be quite honest, I would simply set everything to where it sounded good to me and...
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    Ashly MX508 8-ch mixer

    Anyone have experiences with the Ashly 508 mixer for location classical work? I like the feature set ... not too many bells/whistles, and 2-space rack mountability is very attractive. But of course, sound and quality of the pream section are what I'm looking for. Sorry to start another...
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    Ashly SC-66A & SC-63 Para EQ

    Ashly SC-66A & SC-63 Para EQ. How do these compare to DBX 242 or Orban?
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    Ashly PQ66

    Anyone familiar w/ this goliath? Made in late-80s/early-90s. It's a 3U space 4-band stereo (dual mono or link-able stereo) parametric, but I can't find any specs about it on the web. I know Ashly was an early pioneer of parametric EQ. Is this sucker tube? Transformer? Gerbil on a wheel (it's big...
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    what is this "speed" knob on my ashly sc-68?

    ok, i purchaced a couple of eq's on ebay. one was an ashly sc-66a, which i like. ( if anyone knows anything about the balanced xlr mods to this unit please drop me a line). the other, getting to the point, was a 7 band notch filter ( model sc-68). it seems like a straight forward cut-only eq...