1. N

    Audio Technica AT2020: Help with too much background noise

    Audio Technica AT2020 Help with too much background noise So i’m using my microphone for live streaming games and lets plays and youtube I may have made a mistake in buying a Audio Technica AT2020 USB a while back , it picks up WAY TOO much background noise. A tiny soft bird tweets in the...
  2. DonnyThompson

    AT2020 "Renowned" mic? Really?

    I normally don't go out of my way to say anything negative about retailers... If I see something that is priced too high, I figure the best line of defense is to simply not purchase anything from them... But this one? This one I couldn't help commenting on - and it's from a supplier that I...
  3. beclet

    AT2020 Microphone & Shure X2U adapter? Good mix?

    Hello! I am just wondering if anyone knows how the Audio Technica AT2020 condenser microphone behaves with the Shure X2U XML to USB adapter? The mic: X2U adapter...
  4. E

    Connecting AT2020 to Xonar Essence STX soundcard

    Hello, I currently own a Xonar Essence STX sound card, which i use in combination with a high-end high-impedance headphone (hd650). Im looking to do some instrumental recording, and im thinking of purchasing a AT2020 XLR to connect to this soundcard. Now im wondering what sort of equipment i...
  5. A

    Home recording Acoustic Guitar with AT2020

    Just getting into home recording so let me know what you think. Here is my cover of Andy McKee's Drifting.
  6. Z

    at2020 mic problem via emu404

    hello everybody! I have a condenser at2020 mic and emu usb404 soundcard. to be able to plug in the mic, I added a xlr to trs cable, cause the mic has only xlr output which is not suitable to emu mic input. But now I don't have any sound. The electricity goes, cause I can see the pic signal on...
  7. F

    samson CO3 / audio technica at2020 / Rode NT1

    I've been looking at these 3, they're at different prices here in Argentina. which one should I go for? the aim is to record mainly all-round vocals and an ocassional acoustic guitar in my home studio. I've got a mackie vlz-403 mixer with very good mic pres and phantom. any ideas? cheers!
  8. L

    Using a line 6 KB37 (gearbox) and AT2020 mics?

    Im going to take my first stab at recording vocals and I've gone through all the tips and stuff which were great but I was wondering how you guys would go about using this stuff, Im going for clean but hard rock vocals. Here's some sample music Ill be recording vocals for:
  9. J

    Audio Technica AT2020

    Anybody own one? What are your thoughts? Applications?
  10. D

    Anyone try the AT2020 on snare?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone's used the AT2020 to mic a snare...specifically, side-mic'ing the shell. The mic has pretty high SPL rating, but is there a chance of damaging it this way? Its only $90 or so, but its still a good mic, so I'd hate to ruin one! Thanks for any advice! Andy
  11. Y

    Opening an Audio Techinica AT2020

    Some one mentioned something about opening up an at2020 and removing the foam from the element. How do you open it up and reseal it. Also, does any one have and pictures?
  12. T

    my at2020 gives me nothing but hiss and very low signal

    Recently we have had rediculous amounts of rain and humidity in my town, i have a home studio/practice space in my basement which tends to get a little humid unfortunately. last week my friend and I sat down to do some acoustic recording. i put the at2020 in front his guitar. when i turned on my...
  13. I

    AT2020... now I need some Audio Interface Recommendations

    Hey guys, first post :) I need some help choosing a CHEAP audio interface. Basically so far I am getting an AT2020 to record Acoustic and then Vocals (this is all that I'll be recording). I have about another AU$150 (about US$115) to spend on a cheap interface.. Are there any worth the...
  14. J

    AT2020: initial observations

    I bought a pair of these from an ebay store a few weeks back and finally have had a chance to use them on a few different things: 1. Drum OH's.......they did fine, not overly hyped in the high end. In fact, they're rather flat except in the low end, where they start to roll off at about 80...
  15. T

    Kel HM-1 vs AT2020

    Anyone have an opportunity to A/B these mics?