1. DonnyThompson

    Mics with rectangular/triangular diaphragms

    @Kurt Foster @Boswell @dvdhawk @pcrecord , @audiokid (et al) Hi guys... In this month's issue of ProSound News, two LDC mics were written about; one is AT's new 5047, and the other is the Ehrlund EHR. Both mics are cardioid only. The AT5047 uses four 2 micron thick diaphragms, the Ehrlund...
  2. audiokid


    wow, AT5040. This mic looks real nice! List is $2999 I want. Check out the video on the website. Four-part rectangular element The first of our design criteria for the AT5040 was purity of sound. To achieve this, Audio-Technica engineers developed a four-part rectangular element, the...