1. tonymarachella

    audient id44

    hi guys, someone use audient id44 audio interface? ipinions about pre and a/d - d/a coverter? do you think is a home product or pro-semi professional interface? thanks in advance
  2. pcrecord

    FMR RNP vs upcomming Audient ASP800

    Ok, I know it's again another preamp post !! lol So I'll make it short. I already have 2 LA-610, 4-710, 4x ISA and a RME Fireface 800 I need at least 4 more preamp, to allow me to track a full band and this is not happening very often. Since I already have somewhat colored preamps, I figure...
  3. pcrecord

    What about the new Audient ASP800 ?

    HI guys, I already have 10 somewhat colored preamps and since I changed my Saffire 56 for a RME ff800 I'm missing a few preamps to drive a complete band. There isn't many choices around 1 k. I'm planning the buy at the end of summer. I had a Octopre and was disapoined by it.. it's a bit...
  4. M

    Audient ASP 4816

    I know it's knew, but maybe someone already tested or listened it? I'm on the way to update my studio mixer (Mackie 8bus) and this is the one I'm thinking about... [=""]Sale prova milano, Studio registrazione | Soundcheck Studio[/]
  5. D

    Audient vs my current pres?

    Hi, I'm currently using an ART MPA Gold, M-Audio Tampa and DMP3 as my pres. I mainly record vocals and occasionally guitar and bass. I've read that upgrading the tubes in the ART MPA Gold makes a big difference to it's performance so I'm torn between upgrading these or selling all my pres...
  6. T

    Audient/Digidesign PRE/other affordable 8ch preamp

    Hi Folks I would like to know from you, opinions about (good) affordable 8ch preamps racks... Between (Digidesign) PRE and the Audient (from Trident), what is your favorite??? Do you know another model that sounds better for the this price? Thank you very much !
  7. R

    ati, audient enz

    I'm going Shopping for 4-8 pre's budget in Euro's 1000-2000 Wich to buy ? Audient asp8 [list:0b613d1442]Euro 1400 8 pres ATI 8MX2 if its realy good Euro 2400 8 pres Mackie onyx Euro 1200 8 pres Sp828 ??? Euro...
  8. B

    Looking at the Audient ASP008

    I have been looking at the Audient ASP008 pre. I realize it's not a True Systems or Millennia or even a JLM TMP8 but it fits my budget better and from what I've read, it seems to be a fairly decent unit. My question is (please chime in here Kurt if you did end up buying the Tango24), I'm...
  9. H

    Audient ASP 008

    Somebody has tried them ? thx
  10. P

    Audient ASP8024 Analogue Console

    Does anyone work or has experience mixing on the ASP8024 Analogue mixing console. I was interested in this board. or should I stick with my Mackie Digital 8 bus. I want to find someone who has worked or mixed on both or the ASP8024 Analogue mixing console. Thanks
  11. D

    Audient Mixer

    Hello, Has anyone heard of or used the Audient line of consoles?? FWIW, they had a nice review in Mix Mag. Thanks Danny
  12. D

    Audient 8024 Console, any opinions?

    Anyone know anything about these?