audio interface

  1. Punkyfish

    Advice on buying an audio interface

    Hi, I have just joined! I would like to surprise my other half with an audio interface for Christmas. We haven’t really used them before so I have had a lot of reading to do! I will be buying Cubase as he has used it before. We would like to be able to use any mike, don’t really understand the...
  2. pcrecord

    From RME Fireface 800 to RME Fireface UFX

    Hey gang ! I'm super exited to now own a brand new RME fireface UFX. Yes the one that is discontinued. I found it at a fair price and since I was still running my Fireface 800 fine, I guessed the UFX would be a nice upgrade (with a the dsp and 2 extra input ports) Being discontinued doesn't...
  3. CatMalone

    Random Noise issue is getting resolved - Feedback required

    Hello, I record audio tutorial at my home studio and has no connection with creating music so my requirement is very basic (just to record clean audio as much as possible at my end). Issue: I was facing a noise issue which was coming on its own when I start recording (while monitoring I...
  4. V

    how to use MXL 770?

    I have purchased the MXL 770 and connected it to my laptop with an usb-xlr cable like this one because my laptop doesnt has a microphone input : ( ) And it don't seems to work neither on Fl Studio or Audacity. Im a total beginner for all what...
  5. Bob Simon

    Newbie Qs on Monitoring Overdubs and Choice of Audio Interface

    I am getting ready to buy my first audio interface. With no digital recording experience, I need some advice on monitoring overdubs. I had been looking at the Focusrite Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt audio interface (connected to my HP Spectre x360 with Thunderbolt 3) because it has especially low...
  6. T

    What audio interfaces should I look at?

    Hello, I've just purchased a MacBook Pro 2018 with two thunderbolt 3 ports. I am new to this whole recording process and have Logic on my Mac. My question: what do you suggest as an audio interface? Does Thunderbolt 3 offer the lowest latency? Should I be purchasing an audio interface that can...
  7. Y

    Recording MIDI keyboard with/without Audio Interface?

    Hi, Been wondering whats the best way to plug everything: Hardware: MAudio Code 49 - midi controller Steinberg UR22 MKii - audo interface Software: FL Studio 12 Windows 10 So I had MIDI keyboard before I had an Audio interface. That got succesfully plugged in to an USB port in my laptop...
  8. tonymarachella

    audient id44

    hi guys, someone use audient id44 audio interface? ipinions about pre and a/d - d/a coverter? do you think is a home product or pro-semi professional interface? thanks in advance
  9. kmetal

    Steinberg releases interface with Rupert Neve Transformers

    Not sure if this is old news or not, but it was new to me today and I figured I’d share. Very cool concept.
  10. D

    Laptop has 1 audio port

    There are a couple of ways to take a video and play along with it but when it comes to recording live, almost anonymously the pro's will tell you to copy the stream and import it into your saw, making it a static phenomena. I'm trying to take a video, practice with it and record it out to mp3...
  11. T

    Analog mixer + audio interface still best choice

    All right, I just spent half a day researching this, including on this website, and I'm still not sure, so I registered just in order to ask. I'm going full-hardware with 3 synths (two monos, one stereo) and a multi-output drum machine, all driven by MIDI sequencers and keyboard. Also hardware...
  12. D

    Pls help to choose new audio interface

    Hello, it's been a while since my last post, it's a pleasure to be here again. I need a new audio interface with the following requirements: Under 1000 EUR Best audio quality possible at this price Windows 8.1 laptop based 4-6 inputs , 2-4 built in pre (I have some very good external pre )...
  13. Srdjan

    What is the best solution for this

    Hi :) I am new member, so first I'd like to say hello to everybody, and to thank you for taking time to read this (and maybe help me ) At the momment I'am using M-Audio USB midi-keyboard. It's connected to PC via USB. It has an instrument and mic input (dynamic, so it has no phantom power)...