audio terms

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    (term) Mosfet

    The MOSFET is a particular type of Field-Effect Transistor (FET) where the output current flowing between the source and drain terminals is controlled by a variable electric field applied to the gate terminal. The gate design determines the type of FET. In the MOSFET, the gate is insulated...
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    (term) Mic Level

    The level of a signal generated by a microphone. Generally ranging between 0.001 to 0.005 volts, to make it useful for recording, the signal requires a microphone preamplifier to bring the signal up to line level.
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    (term) Midrange

    Often refers to the middle part of the audio frequency spectrum, as perceived by humans. For example, a midrange driver would be a speaker that was optimized for that particular range.
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    (term) MiniDisc

    A format introduced several years ago by Sony that allows recording and playback of audio to and from a small magneto optical disc with a capacity of 140MB. To be able to record 74 minutes of music, the technology applies a data compression algorithm called ATRAC that compresses the data by...
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    (term) Mini-plug

    A miniature phone plug, available in both mono and stereo versions. The most common size for audio use is 3.5 mm (1/8".)
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    (term) Mini-XLR Connector

    A Switchcraft Tini-QG connector, frequently called a mini-XLR, is available in several configurations. The connector is often used on small boundary microphones, and for the microphone connections on some wireless body-pack transmitters. The pins are numbered in the opposite direction from a...
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    (term) Modulation

    Modulation is the addition of a control signal to an electronic or optical signal carrier. In electronic synthesis, one example might be the sine wave output of a low frequency generator (LFO) being added to a pitched note produces vibrato. Another form of synthesis uses the principle of...
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    Studio Monitor

    Studio monitors are loudspeakers specifically designed for audio production applications, such as recording studios, film-making, television studios, radio studios and project or home studios, where accurate audio reproduction is crucial, whereas reference monitors are loudspeakers generally...
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    (term) Mid-side

    A coincident-pair stereo microphone technique using a forward-facing unidirectional, omnidirectional, or bidirectional mic and a side-facing bidirectional mic. The microphone signals are summed and differenced to produce right- and left-channel signals.
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    (term) Multichannel

    may refer to: Stereophonic sound, namely two channel audio. Surround sound, more than two channels though still technically stereo. Ambisonics, a studio or live way of recording with many channels.
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    (term) Multicoupler

    An electronic device that consists of a RF signal splitter preceded by a RF amplifier that compensates for the inherent RF loss of the splitter. Allows for feeding several receivers from one antenna.
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    (term) Multipath

    Radio frequency signals arriving at a location via different transmission paths, usually from a combination of direct and reflected signals. The direct and reflected signals are often opposite in phase, which can result in a significant signal loss. The problem is most apparent indoors and...
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    (term) Multipath Null

    A small area or space where direct and reflected RF signals from a transmitter cancel each other, resulting in little or no usable energy being available to a receiver antenna.
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    (term) Multi-pattern

    Refers to a type of microphone where the polar pattern of the capsule can be changed, either using a switch a changing out the capsule.
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    (term) Multitimbral

    An electronic synthesizer or sampler that is capable of playing back multiple parts simultaneously, each under the control of a different MIDI channel. Not to be confused with polyphony, which refers to total number of simultaneous notes (or voices) that is available to the whole instrument...
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    (term) Native

    In reference to digital audio and computers, the term means software that uses the processing power of the computer, and does not require additional hardware. Also sometimes referred to as host based. However, plug-in architectures that are written for native systems are not technically...
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    (term) Near Field

    Although not technically correct, the term near field is generally applied to a loudspeaker system that is designed to be close to the monitoring position. In this way the listener receives more of the direct sound from the speakers, while minimizing the effect of sound produced by...
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    (term) Neodymium

    A rare-earth metal element that can be made into magnets, amongst other things. However, it is its properties for making stronger magnets than other materials of the same size that make the element of interest to the audio community. Used in microphones, it can produce greater output than...
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    (term) NiCad

    The Nickel Cadmium is a type of rechargeable battery that is used in electronic equipment. Although they have an even power discharge, they provide less operating time than corresponding alkaline batteries.
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    (term) Noise Floor

    The amount of self-noise generated by a piece of electrical equipment when it is at rest (no signal passing through.) All such devices generate noise to some extent or another, and engineers are constantly striving to lower this artifact. Measured in decibels.