1. TheMachoBrochacho

    Issues Recording Voice using Audacity and/or Abelton Live Lite

    How's it going, fellas? For my vocal sessions (usually speaking) I'm currently using a Focusrite 2i2 and a Boya PVM-1000 mic. The interface is plugged directly into my laptop. I have my Youtube channel going and all, but the audio is trash when I'm in my "studio" recording. I have gone through...
  2. H

    Help isolating recorded noises and whispers when asleep

    Long story short, I keep hearing $*^t in my house, it sounds like people talking and I hear running around etc. We have cameras in our house, but they keep magically looking very grainy, I used voice amplifier but magically again...when I suspect sounds like my ear is blown off when...
  3. hunterwayne95

    Need help: new to production

    Hey everyone, just joined this forum and I’m hoping I can get some tips, tricks, cardinal rules, advice etc. on how to get a mix with good volume without white noise. I’m a good writer, average musician, but virtually inexperienced with studio recording. I know I could get some great stuff out...
  4. jamie Lofts

    Namm around the corner

    I certainly don't want this to be a Interface war but, I'm sure everyone does have their favourite. I'm saving to go away in June so afterwards I may be looking for a cheap Interface. I'm currently using the Eleven Rack and it's served me well but it's time to move on to something with better...
  5. Misdom

    Proper Speaker Placement w/ Dimensions

    Here are the dimensions of the room I need to set up as a studio (pic link attached below). 10' 8" x 11' 10" (8ft ceiling) I have 2 KRK Powered Rockit 6's Can someone please tell me the technically proper dimensions I should place the speakers in the room, for the best flat response for the...
  6. jojota

    Who are the best software programmers of this world that are into AudioEngineering?for Audiowiki

    Who are the best software programmers of this world that are into AudioEngineering? Where can I find them? this is the prototype. 1.1Do you know how many dots could I refresh instantaneously like this? Maybe I should have a software version of this has I want...