1. I

    Automation, clip gain or compression?

    Ok so I've been learning a lot about this whole mixing game. I've done some mixes for some university projects and I'm starting to get somewhat of a hang of it. However, there's one thing that I can't quite decide on. I know that compression is used to reduce the dynamic range of a signal, and...
  2. audiokid

    Samplitude Pro X : Bus FX Automation

  3. D

    Mixing Console and Automation

    hey guys, i've started a home recording studio for almost 2 years now and i've managed to buy some decent gear(monitors, midi keyboard, maschine, audio interface and so on). I decided to do my own mixing and mastering for my own songs and i thought a mixer would be useful but i like to do it...
  4. Paul999

    Recall and automation in a hybrid system.

    I use logic and in a perfect world I know exactly how I want to recall mixes. I would be able to freeze tracks with an I/o plug on it and I'd be done. However logic doesn't do this. I can't record on aux tracks so that rules making stems when I route tracks to buses. Bottom line you can only...
  5. ClarkJaman

    Fader Automation Vs Gain Editing

    Hey guys, :) So lately I have been moving away from compression/limiting plugins in my mixing, and other methods to even my mixes out, without squashing the transients and losing definition and clarity. Basically, I do some of the work manually, so that the compressor doesn't have to work as...
  6. G

    Recording mix automation in Vegas 12

    Howdy! I've just successfully finished a one song project in Vegas 12 due the kind assistance offorum member audiokid. Now I'm working on mixing a more complex project, and I really need to get my Behringer BCF-2000 control surface working. I have it connected, and Vegas is controlling the...
  7. JohnTodd

    How much automation do you use?

    My question is about automation. I know how to use it and have before. But I was wondering, how much automation do the pros typically use? I'm including anything and everything - riding vocals, guitars, individual drums, reverb sends and returns, VST plugins, you name it. If you automate...
  8. buzzer

    Have Soundcraft Ghost 24 with Automation section. Is this feature good for anything?

    Hi, As explained, I have a nice clean Soundcraft Ghost 24 with Meter Bridge, and that old Transport Automation Section. It uses MMC Midi Machine Control to control any recorder so equipped. It also has automated channel mute, if I remember correctly. It's been in a box in storage since...
  9. D

    panning automation in Pro Tools

    How do you pan from left to right or right to left speakers on an audio selection in pro tools?
  10. U

    Automation and Summing OTB

    I have been looking for a mixer that covers a need of many of us. I'm talking about using a mixer for its analog summing without just setting the faders to unity and automating in the computer. I have used SSL and AMEK mixers with their own automation engines and recall systems, but we all know...
  11. T

    Gain automation before compression - how much is too much?

    Ive been experimenting with gain automation for my mix, its sort of a necessity for the music Im mixing - not because of major recording problems, but simply to get as much dynamic range out of the music and have it as natural as possible. Ive read a couple times andy wallace does this, along...
  12. audiokid

    (term) Dynamic mix automation

    Mixdown automation where mix settings are adjusted in real time.
  13. E

    SSL 9000 J - help with automation needed!

    I've got a session coming up, and need to know how to use the automation system on an SSL J series computer. I do know my way around other parts of the J, but not the automation. Any help/articles you can give me, please do! Cheers!
  14. R

    Automation problem with reaktor and cubase

    Howdy, i've been having some automation problems w/ Reaktor 5 and C4. i'm using the pitch shifter module and have been trying to automate both the "shift" knobs and the "mix" knobs. everything writes the way it's supposed to, the stuff shows up in the automation tracks and everything, but...
  15. A

    thrills of automation

    can anyone tell me some of the intricacies of console automation? some guy told me that automation has in effect been around since the 70's, but i question who between the 70's and 90's (before music died so to speak and digi took over) used serious automation (either form of it), and how much...
  16. J

    pro tools automation woes

    hey. im new to the DAW scene. i have access to an MBOX factory and Pro Tools LE 7. I have a 16 track song and i want to do automation; as in during the course of the song several instruments, say the 'strings' are automatically panned left and then right and then center, or like i can set...
  17. BigTrey

    Pro Tools, Is it possible to import automation settings?

    I wanted to know if it's possible to import automation settings from one PT session to another? Has any one tried it before? If so could you give me a short rundown? Thanks. Trey
  18. J


    This is the problem I am having..I record my vocals, then use automation to even the volumes of the soundbites relative to each other... then I realize that the volume of the entire track needs to be changed... so then I am stuck with doing the the automation over again... I know this is a very...
  19. D

    Cubase Automation and Forum Groups

    I am not a Cubase user yet, still doing some research. I am coming from a PT LE environment and I am wondering about the automation capabilites of Cubase. I would imagine that they are at least comprable to PT but I would like to hear some feedback. I am also particularly interested in...
  20. B

    vca automation

    hi eveyone im the new guy with a old question how would I use the vca automation on a tascam m3700 with cubase sx , I want to mix in the box(cubase) so would this vca help control sx faders at all please help !!!!!!!!