basement studio

  1. peteresat

    Question about Rod's book/my construction?

    Hey guys--my name is Peter. I'm new here--I found this forum after reading through Rod's book. I'm about to have a studio built in a room in my basement in Colorado (by a guy who I know has built at least ONE studio before shown here:, and I've been really...
  2. Mark All

    Basement Studio Size and Flooding

    What would you consider an ideal size for a one-room studio that would accommodate a band rehearsal setup, recording/mixing station, and extra amp stacks, guitar rack, etc.? We're looking at building a house with a basement and creating a studio within the basement--just personal hobby, not...
  3. ernesto

    Ideas for new basement studio construction

    Forum, I have just moved into a house and have a fairly large unfinished basement from which to build a project studio. There is no insulation to speak of and everything is just basically framed with no drywall. There is power but I do have an electrician who is able to run power to...
  4. D

    Basement studio / rehearsal room

    Hello everybody, I´m building a house this year in Austria / Europe and planned a rehearsal/ recording room and a control room in the basement, which should be used for band rehearsal and as a semiprofessional project studio. I already have Rod Gervais book and would like to have some input on...
  5. Q

    Setting up basic studio in basement

    Hello As the title says, I'm moving into a new house with a few friends in a couple of months and I would love to be able to convert the basement into a small, basic recording studio. I would like to be able to use some vintage audio equipment to do some decent quality recording. The room...
  6. A

    Some questions about my "basement studio"

    I have been recording for a few years now using the same stuff. The stuff I use is probably quite pathetic but my parents won't let me record more "professionally" until I head off to college. I have been using a computer microphone (which actually sounds pretty clear) to record everything...
  7. S

    Little Basement Studio

    Hi, Right now I have a pretty decent setup. I have a rather large live room in my basment. Then there's a hall and then theres another room where my pcs at. The control room i guess itd be. In the little hall i put a room full of foam for my guitar. I no that matress foam only works with mids...
  8. EricIndecisive

    Basement Studio

    For those who hate to read, the main points: Just starting $4-5k budget Transforming my basement Style: Acoustic guitar, vocals, some electric Information on setting up acoustics for a room Looking for: a nice 'real' sound Estimated costs / suggestions: mixers, compressors, mics, the...
  9. S

    dealing with pipes in the basement studio guys have never failed me before with your acoustical abilities. So here is what I am dealing with. my project studio is in my basement. The isolation room - is all concrete but there are a few spots where pipes come through the concrete and there are spaces that allow sound to...
  10. H

    Basement studio update

    Do you want to help me build up a studio? (I wanna steal your thougth!) Rigth now i am thinking of building up a guitar rack, but i dont have a clue what to get, i currently have a pod xt live but it sounds like crap. should I run the rack system through the amp and then record with a mic or...
  11. L

    Building a basement studio

    I'm in the begining (planning) stages of building a basement recording studio and was wondering on about how much power would be needed to run a small studio. I know its a very vague question but i am just looking for an estimate. Thanks, Will S.
  12. A

    Creating a decent basement studio

    This evening I had the pleasure of dinner with a good family friend. Andy is a great musician and has been writing and recording his own music for some time. It is a hobby for him, but one he devotes a lot of time and energy to (not to mention the fact that he is an amazing song writer). He's...
  13. T

    URGENT Budget Basement Studio

    I've Ben Recording Music For about 3 Years On Cool Edit PRo With my computer, Getting More Serious With it and Want to Build a Studio For myself In House.. Is a 3 thousand Dollar Budget Enough to Build a Decent Studio With Good Quality? .. And If So Could Sum1 Please Take the Time to List...