bass guitars

  1. Isaac Adni

    Does my bass sound normal?

    For some reason my bass sounds really distorted and bassy. When I do a low cut and put a compressor on it it sounds much better though. Is this normal? I am plugging my bass directly into my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. I have attached an mp3 of the unprocessed bass. If it clips at all, that is my...
  2. Sean G

    What Every Bass Guitarist Needs

    Great for those Han Solos....
  3. Davedog

    Classic Bass Sounds

    Lots of questions over the years about this. How to get those early classic Motown, Stax, etc kind of bass tones on a recording. A lot of home enthusiasts look for this. With the emulation software and the plugs available its much easier to simulate the deep clear yet somehow slightly blurred...
  4. audiokid

    Studio legend Carol Kaye gives Gene Simmons a lesson on bass

    This is awesome.
  5. kmetal

    Don't tell the bassist

    we DI'd it his SVT stack is muted. Lmao. It happens. In my personal defense bass players have played a couple guitar parts for me on my old bands recordings. It just got me thinking about how the persons perception of the mix would change if they discovered the stack was muted. I feel like...
  6. T

    too much mud in the final mix

    So I've been searching the internet for tips on how to keep from having too much 'mud' in the final mix of a track while still not having too much treble. It seems I always fall in to either category but I can never stay in that sweet spot. When I have the solo tracks they always seem fine to...
  7. CrazyLuke

    Hey, Guys - Let Me Know if I'm Getting Better Kick and Bass Tones with This Mix

    Another late night of mixing a rock tune in my AT50s. Let me know if I'm getting beefier tones out of my kick and bass. The song has a 1/2 time feel into a "blazing speed" section, so I played with some automation on the gate re: the kicks Here is "Class Warfare"
  8. CrazyLuke

    Another for the Upcoming 8 Song CD called "Jet Surfer" Bass & Drums OK?

    Here's a fun one, a hard rock "Beach Boyish" tune called "Jet Surfer." I had a couple of friends help me out with the harmonies the chorus. The lead vox was taken from a previous version that was overly effected, and will be re-tracked. Just want to know how the Drums, Bass, and Guitars are...
  9. M

    New strings that doesn't sound like new strings (bass)

    Hello! I had to change my 11 year old strings on my bass because unfortunately they just couldn't hold the pitch any longer despite being tuned correctly. So I bought a set of D'addario Balanced and put them on in May. I haven't played much since (mostly been watching the world cup) but...
  10. P

    Tremendous Bass Tone - How To Mix A Bass Guitar
  11. Vox71

    Tracking Double/Upright Bass

    Hey Guys, I have never tracked an upright bass before. What are the best type of mics to use on it, and what would the placement/set up be? It has a pick up as well so I can also get a DI/Amp signal to mix in with the mic'd track/s Thanks in advance for the input. Cheers, Alfie Sent from...
  12. ThirdBird

    Choices - Bass signal chain

    I am going to record bass. I have a Dean Active 4-String (alder wood with coated flatwounds) played out of a 12" Ampeg bass combo. I will also take a DI signal too. It is in a large 40x20x12 classroom (hard surfaces, with lots of crap in it). The style of music is some kind of indie/reggae/funk...
  13. audiokid

    mono bass frequencies below 260hz

    Anyone here mono the frequencies below 260hz in a mix? Well, more like 100hz but that's the default setting in Sequoia.
  14. N

    Need some advice on a basscombo

    Hi! Wirh this post Id like to reach out to the bassplayers that hangs here. Im looking into getting a bass amp for some personsl recording and playing. Im totally ofr when it comes to amps so thats why Id like to get your advice on what would be the most value for the money on these 4 amps...
  15. audiokid

    The VOG - analog bass resonance tool I did a mix a while back and the friken bass was a nightmare to mix. It was so heavy. I ended up putting the DI out of phase with the mic'd track and then blended a graph and volume between the two tracks to clean it up. It worked great. Would this thing be a...
  16. P

    What's the best angle and distance to record a bass amp with a Shure SM57?

    Just as the title says, what is the best angle and distance? I've tried quite a few variations, but I still get a way too "fuzzy" sound to make it comfortable.
  17. L

    Micing Classical String Bass

    Thinking of solo classical string bass- I’ve had this come up twice this year. What do you all do for accent micing? Any success stories for Mains positions? My best success has been with a stereo 414s in fig 8, aimed at the lower portion of the front panel, with the null on the bridge-...
  18. K

    HS80s + Bass Shaker?

    I have yamaha hs80s and want to hook them up to my aura bass shaker to get more out of my bass response. this is the bass shaker - [=""]Aura AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shaker 299-028[/] how do i set this up? My hs80s go into my focusrite...
  19. B

    Recording bass with M-Audio Fast Track Pro

    Hey everbody, I recently bought a Fast Track Pro USB audio interface thinking that I would be able to get something cool from it by directly plugin my bass, then use Guitar Rig 5 to simulate an amp. It works, but the thing is that sounds like crap ! Am I doin something wrong ? Is there anything...
  20. B

    M-Audio Fast Track Pro Bass Recording

    Hi all, here's my question ; - How can I can get a warm sound recording trough my Fast Track ? I tought that plugin my bass directly into the audio interface, then moduling the sound with Guitar Rig 5 would be all right, but it sounds like $*^t ! Should I buy a mic to record with my bass...