1. DonnyThompson

    Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper

    Showing for limited engagements at these theaters:
  2. Sean G

    Abbey Road remastering the Beatles in mono

  3. audiokid

    The Beatles - Yesterday (Rare studio acoustic)

    Today people would be using autotune on Paul. There is obvious pitch issues here but its also part of Paul's sound, as is with all singers. imho, its the song and performance that makes a song, not autotune Also, the room sounds pretty bad to me in comparison to what I would want today. Its...
  4. ThirdBird

    beatles book

    Is there a book that explains the recording techniques that the bealtes used? Thanks!
  5. BobRogers

    Beatles remasters?

    Have any of you bought them? Heard them in a good environment? Read any reviews that you trust? At the very least I'm going to buy Abbey Road. It's one of my first choices as a reference album when buying equipment and evaluating sonic environments/ sound checks, etc. Not really sure...
  6. N

    Beatles Remasters

    I heard a nasty rumor that the new releases are going to be overly hot. I sure hope not. That would ruin the sound of those old recordings. Anyone in the know about this?
  7. D

    Noticed in alot of early Bob Dylan, Beatles recordings...

    I noticed that they pan to the drums all the way to either left or right Why did they do that? Now the drums in todays modern recording are set right in the center besides cymbals and crashes etc.. Why is this?
  8. K

    "Recording the Beatles" book.

    This is NOT spam trying to sell a book...I just think it's a very enjoyable book, and wonder if others here might be interested in checking it out. Subtitled, "The Studio Equipment and Techniques Used to Create Their Classic Albums". A friend loaned this to me for a while...(which it will...
  9. S

    Can I get close to that Beatles sound?

    Hi everyone, Now before I get flamed or told I'm just stupid, I know what I'm about to ask is probably not possible... however, I thought you might be able to get me half decently close to the sound that I am looking for. The other day we were in our new project studio and decided to...
  10. Don Grossinger

    Beatles Remasters out soon

    Word is just out that Capitol Records is re-releasing the first 4 Beatles albums in their American versions, in a box set. This is volume 1 of a planned series of reissues.There will be mono & stereo versions of each album on each disc. No word if the box set will be regular 16/44.1 CD or SACD...
  11. S

    The Beatles Let It Be...Naked CD

    My mom who is famous for knitted sox and yellow santa sweaters sent me the Beatles "Let it Be..Naked" CD. For those of you who don't know, this is the original Let IT Be Sessions of the Beatles playing as a band with no overdubs, before Phil Spector got his hands on it and added choirs...
  12. Don Grossinger


    Does anyone out there have an opinion (and I'll bet some of you do...) on the new "Get Back-Naked" release? I guess this could also be answered from a producer's point of view as well as mastering. I wonder why they didn't release this in SACD / DVD-A as a superior quality disc, with 5.1...
  13. J

    Beatles Altec compressors

    Hello Everyone, I've always heard that Paul's bass went through a TUBE version of the Altec comp. Maybe a 436 or 438C. Now while looking at page 165 of "the complete Beatles Recording Sessions" I'm seeing what appear to be Altec comps, but they appear closer to the 1591A. 436/438's all have...
  14. S

    Beatles mic pre's?

    Hello everyone, in the upcoming months ill offically be in the market for a nice mic pre in the $1000+ range. I was wondering if anyone knew what type of mic pre's the beatles might have used for their latter recordings ie. white album ect... and are there any similiar clones out on the market...