1. audiokid

    Blending Blumlein and ORTF Choirs

    I'm preparing my mix's for the choirs I just finished recording. 2 DPA 4011A in ORTF 1 Royer SF24 in Blumlein 1 Audix M1280 micro condenser for added detail Any suggestions of how you blend blumlein and ORTF? John, did I hear you right... choose which of the two that sounds (fullest, widest...
  2. T

    Blending vocals with rest of tracks.

    So, last night, I recorded a scratch vocal track using a Nady Powerstar-9 mic which went through my behringer mixer into my fostex digital 8-track. After recording the scratch vocal track, I wanted to do a quick mix down of everything. But, I couldn't get the vocals to blend well with the...