blue icicle

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    Can't get Blue Icicle to work

    Just got the blue icicle preamp. It's supposed to be plug and play, but I can't get it to work. Everything seems to have installed correctly, I didn't get any error messages. But even with the gain all the way up, there's no signal. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times as well...
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    Can't get MXL 990 to work with Blue Icicle and Laptop? Please Help!

    Last week, I bought an MXL 990 with a shockmount, a Blue Icicle, and a 25 ft. long XLR cable. I have the Microphone plugged into to XLR cable > Blue Icicle > Dell Inspiron N5110. It says that it's installing software, but when it's done, it says "There is a problem with the driver USB...
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    Using mxl 990 and Icicle

    Hey guys, its good to be in this forums lots of knowledgeable $*^t To my problem , i bought a MXl 990 and a Blue icicle This is how its setup Mxl 990 condenser mic > XLR cable > Blue icicle > USb wire > Pc ( windows 7 ) I checked everywhere and it says icicle is a plug and...
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    Blue Icicle Anyone listened through it? I gotta say, it looks cool and would be funking handy.