1. drumrob

    Live Recording of Blues Band

    Hi all! I always enjoy reading how people approached recording situations, so I thought I would share my latest here. I don't post much, but I read every day and appreciate all the good ideas and advice I have seen here on the forum over the years. I recently was hired to do a live recording...
  2. kevinwhitect

    Who We Are - Sweet Marguerita (Blues Shuffle)

    Now with new room treatment!! :D How does it sound? Thanks for any/all comments.
  3. L

    Raw live demo recordings ( fem vox pop \ rock ~ soul-blues )

    Many thanks everyone, for your feedback and your advice. You have been most helpful! Hopefully we'll be back with better quality soon enough. :)
  4. S

    Jazz and Blues Scat Singing and Growls

    hey guys.. i've been a huge fan of the Blues and Jazz music.. however, growing up in a typical Asian family, all i had to listen to was pop ballads and rock tunes... i'm trying to learn the art of singing the Blues and Jazz so that i can cover some awesome songs that i love Can you guys give...
  5. Davedog

    New Kickin Blues

    Hi kids. Uncle Dogg simply checking in and wanted you all to know whats up at Drool'n Dogg Productions these days. Finished, in January, all the tracking of a Blues record I'm producing, with the keys going on at the 'new' studio. The Clubhouse Studio is no more. The Drool'n Dogg Ranch takes...
  6. L

    acoustic blues, recording help w/ equilizing

    Hey guys, I have a question about direct injection boxes for guitar. Will this reduce the hum/fuzz in recording guitar? I bought my gate to reduce the hum, but it is not effective after going through the amp. And the amp produces the most hum. will a DI box replace an amplifier? heres an...
  7. R

    Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

    Hi, I just bought a Blues Deluxe Reissue and I am very pleased with it. The thing is, it fell on one side in my trunck when I was going to a show. The sound was loud. Nothing seems broken in there and the sound is still the same. But there is something rolling when I tilt the amp from side...
  8. T

    new vocal mic for male rock/blues

    I'm going to pick up a new vocal mic soon to be used on male rock/blues. I'm looking in the $500 - $1000 range. If it helps, the preamps I've got to chose from are the Focusrite ISA428 and Vintech 1272. Will also probably try using with acoustic instruments and distant mic for kick drum...
  9. Big_D

    Big Guitar for 3 Pc. Blues

    I have always been a fan of that Texas Blues sound started by Albert Collins and later by Billy Gibbons and Stevie Ray Vaughan. SRV's engineer on his early work really captured that sound perfectly. It sounds like your at a live show with big guitar all around. I'm not looking to copy it, just...
  10. S

    Vintage Blues Harmonica Microphone Museum

    Well I'll tell you, the mere "visual candy" of this "museum" of microphones of days gone by, are incredible by any standards. Enjoy! ----Lee Vintage Blues Harmonica Microphone Museum
  11. O


    I, Opus, do solemnely swear to never get a VIA chipset board for my own computers!!! My roomate got a sweet deal on a Shuttle AK11 mobo with an Athalon 1.3Ghz processer...great deal..cant complain..serious boost in power from what he had..anyways...the Manual wasnt too much of a help installing...