1. D

    Mixing after having recorded with a stereo technique: RTF, XY, NOS, Decca Tree, Blumlein, AB

    There are tons of discussions about these stereo techniques (RTF, NOS, XY, Decca tree, Blumlein, AB) but I did not see much with regard to the mix once used them after recording. After one has recorded using one of these stereo techniques, what procedure to follow in the mixing process...
  2. DonnyThompson

    Blumlein... Oh yeah. ;)

    It's been a long time since I set up a Blumlein pair.. I did so this morning for an acoustic guitar track I've been working on for my latest song. In the past, I'd mostly used Mr. Blumlein's invention on orchestral stuff, small ensembles, strings, horns, etc. The "traditional" way to set up a...
  3. F

    Blumlein sennheiser mkh 30/30

    I would like to know your opinions about the use of the coincident setup above (blumlein) in nature soundscape recording. For now I am using mkh 30/40 ms setup in a parabola, here are two results: [=""]20110610T0600Z, TORDUS MERULA AND...
  4. audiokid

    Blending Blumlein and ORTF Choirs

    I'm preparing my mix's for the choirs I just finished recording. 2 DPA 4011A in ORTF 1 Royer SF24 in Blumlein 1 Audix M1280 micro condenser for added detail Any suggestions of how you blend blumlein and ORTF? John, did I hear you right... choose which of the two that sounds (fullest, widest...
  5. audiokid

    (term) Blumlein

    A stereo microphone technique in which two coincident bidirectional microphones are angled 90 degrees apart (45 degrees to the left and right of center). Blumlein Pair is the name for a stereo recording technique invented by Alan Blumlein for the creation of recordings that — upon replaying...
  6. L

    blumlein 8s or a-b omnis for choir

    I know that this topic has probably been discussed but I could not find it. I am going to record a choir in a decent sized church. I want to capture the ambient sound and am limited to 2 mics. I assume that a-b and blumlein are be the top two options. Is this correct? If I am wrong please...
  7. X

    Blumlein decoding

    Hi! I would like to know what would be the best way to decode a blumlein configuration, without using a DAW (i usually don't record on laptop and want to hear the result on location.) I don't plan to buy any mixer soon, but will have the possiblity to have a SF-12 for a few day. I own a...
  8. zemlin

    Full circle around a Blumlein Pair - a capella

    Had a fun recording on Sunday. A vocal group at a college about 90 minutes away hired me to record them for an archival CD for the members. 17 singers - I had them stand in a circle around a Blumlein pair (SPC3) with Oktava MK319s for lead vocal and beatbox. No beatbox on this piece, but...
  9. L


    Michael Williams "The stereophonic zoom" talks about recording angle for various setups, but not for figure of eight. What is the recording angle for Blumlein? best regards Lars
  10. B

    Shure Vert Bar mod to accomodate LDCs in blumlein, etc...

    I had the hardest time finding a vert bar to suit my needs with my LDCs, having enough clearance between the two mounting posts to run them head to head.....Below is a modification to the shure a27m vert bar that will allow plenty of clearance. you need the shure a27m vert bar...
  11. B

    Blumlein setup

    In setting up a Blumelin array what happens if instead of placing the mics so that the front of both figure 8's are facing forward, the entire assembly is rotated 90° so that one figure 8 front and one figure 8 back is facing forward? Or if both rear lobes are facing forward 180°? Is there...
  12. D

    Glorious Blumlein

    There is an excellent thread over at ProSoundWeb on the mysteries of the Blumlein array. and it includes a great link to a stereo image visualisation tool... Definitely worth a read...
  13. dpd

    Live w/ Blumlein tonite

    Did my first live broadcast / recording with a Blumlein pair in our smallish studio (18x28) of a local folk group. Overall, things in the control room sounded pretty good, but there seemed to be a bit of a hole in the middle. I'll grab the tracks and take them home and listen in a much...
  14. P

    Blumlein figure 8 mic suggestions

    I am going to record a church choir and wanted to capture the ambiance of the room. I gathered from other posts that a Blumlein setup would work well for this, as I do not want a complicated setup with lots of mics placed all over the place. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good bi...
  15. F

    Another Blumlein question - stereo bars

    If you're using two figure-8 mics as a Blumlein array, and they're lightweight enough to mount together on a vertical stereo bar.... does the bar itself cause any interference? Is it better to just use two booms for mic placement and leave the rear field open? I know the bar is sitting in the...
  16. F

    Blumlein vs. X/Y when close-miced

    I’ve never had a chance to try a pair of figure-8 mics in Blumlein configuration, but I’m curious about it. Specifically, I’m curious about what happens when you close-mic an instrument like acoustic guitar (and yes, I know that ideally, Blumlein is something done at a greater distance in a good...
  17. J

    AKG Blueline for Blumlein?

    Hi everyone, I wonder if a pair of these fig 8s would be good enough for a main pair using Blumlein? Jeremy has already recommended these to me as a good SDC fig 8. Also, I have some LDCs and don't want to buy two of everything. Ben has already pointed out that similar M and S mics will...
  18. M

    Let's go Blumlein!

    OK.I have this session coming up recording a trio. Drums, electric guitar, and baritone sax. They want to record live playing in the same room facing each other. The room we are gonna use is decent with a high ceiling. So I was thinking putting the guys in a triangle facing each other and using...
  19. F

    Blumlein recording

    Hello, I have never attempted a 'Blumlein' recording (including today w/ 2 Royer 121's) where I didn't have to flip the phase on one mic. Is this a given? Thanks in advance. Benjy
  20. B

    Blumlein Pair

    Anyone here experimented with using a Blumlein pair to record a drum kit? Or anything for that matter? I just got done reading an article about the micing technique and it sounds like it should work really well.