bock audio

  1. DonnyThompson

    Bock Mics

    Just curious to see if any of our RO members have used Bock/Soundelux Microphones..? If so, which model(s) have you used, and what do you think about them? If you have ever used real 47's, ELAMS or U67's, how do you think the Bock/Soundelux reproductions compare? I've been looking at them, they...
  2. P

    Soundelux u195 vs Bock Audio 195?

    Atlas Pro Audio is selling an unused [=""]Soundelux u195[/] for the same price as a new [=""]Bock...
  3. P

    Soundelux, Brauner, B.L.U.E, DPA...

    Over a few weeks I have tried a few mic`s and here are the results. The mics tested was: Soundelux U95S Blue Cactus AKG C12VR DPA large membran model CAD E-300(my own) Brauner VM-1 C12VR: Overpriced piece of $*^t...Not very impressed, looking at the price (in Norway $3000) Blue Cactus...
  4. Z

    Where is David?

    Hi everyone, where is David Bock? We haven't seen or heard of him since mid July. :(
  5. audiokid

    Welcome aboard David Bock! our new moderator

    Hey everybody, we have a new moderator for Advanced Mic Techniques and Theory. David Bock of Sounddelux Microphones will be here soon to tell you what he's been up to and what he's doing now. To see a little bit about what's to come, check out [=""]Soundelux...