boundry microphones

  1. ArielZusya

    how to mic an elementary school play

    As a preface, I'm not a sound pro--more like a hobbyist who is getting a bit more serious about all of this (and who loves the tech). That out of the way, my wife is an elementary school teacher. Each year they put on a play for which the first and second-graders perform a play, sing songs, and...
  2. Whopbamboom

    Sennheiser e901 boundary mic

    Hello all, I recently picked up a Sennheiser e901 mic (I believe classified as a boundary mic). I went to test it out to make sure it wasn't DOA, and at first I thought maybe it was! I couldn't hear anything back through the main speakers as I tapped on the screen. Phantom was on, too. I also...
  3. S

    Shure Beta 91 boundry mic

    Hi everyone, Was just curious on people's opinions on the Shure Beta 91 for a kick drum mic. I currently use an Audix D6 on a vintage Ludwig 20" kick drum... where I have a smaller drum do you think the Shure would give me a better sound? Tom