1. LSinoff

    Micing Live Performance of Sax Quartet

    I have a sax quartet and need to record our performances for some QC. The music we play are jazz standards and the arrangements have a lot going on in the inner voices. We need to be able to listen to our performances to check out how we balance on set vs in rehearsal. Our set up is usually...
  2. R

    Brass Band Recording

    I am a complete beginner at recording – so go easy and explain any technobabble... I took the plunge last year and decided to start recording the brass band that I direct. I purchased a Zoom H4N recorded with this for a while, then purchased two (match stereo) SE4’s. I have been using the SE4s...
  3. R

    Brass band recording

    Hi Everybody, I'm from Belgium and i'm playing in a brass band (60 music players) I want to start recording the band but I've a lot of difficulties to make my microphone selection's. I want to make a record of the band with 3 microphones (front left centre right). before to discover...
  4. R

    Mobile / Home Recording of Brass Bands

    Hello everyone. Wondered if someone on here could give me some advice? I am an ex brass player who now conducts the local brass band. As part of this I would like to record their rehearsal performances, for analysis at home. I need a system that is relatively portable and can be setup without...
  5. P

    How to get and play this 80s brass lead sound?

    I really like and want to be able to play that 80s lead brass type of sound. I posted vid below of a guy on youtube playing presets for a synth that he is showing off...anyways the sound and HOW he is playing certain presets is what I am very interested in and wanting to do. The presets I like...
  6. T

    Recording a trumpet, and what am I missing?

    hey all, I'm asking some help with recording a trumpet, but with a twist. We are looking at recording a trumpet with a pickup mic so that it's portable on stage, and processing it through ableton live /or reason. I've currently got: iMac mbox 2 a condenser, dynamic, ribbon mics do...
  7. E

    Recording Saxophones, Mic and Pre-Amp Combo

    Hello, I am looking for advice on a decent setup for recording saxophones a Mic and a Pre-Amp. Making a call to one of the big online pro-audio companies gives me different advice for every engineer I talk with and the last seemed only to only recommend choices based on the high end of my...
  8. ThirdBird

    How do I make a trumpet sound like an organ?

    What plugins/fx would I use to make a trumpet sounds like an organ. An organ that sounds like something off of a live Bob Marley recording? [=""]YouTube - MARLEY - Trenchtown Rock (live)[/] Thanks!
  9. TheJackAttack

    getting a trumpet gig at XMas

  10. S

    recording a bands with acoustic guitar and horns

    hello, I'm recording a rock band with acoustic guitar and a horn section ft. clarinet trumpet and tenor sax. I'm relatively new to recording so i have some questions. First, what should I do first? i would prefer to record the rhythm section together but i don't have a separate booth for the...
  11. A

    recording a SAX, what interface and mic?

    Hey all, I've known about this forum for a while, and though i'm not a recording artist or audio or master engineering, I've got the kind of personality that completely engrosses themselves into something that I have a hint of interest. I've recently become quite serious in knowing more about...
  12. lambchop

    Mic Suggestions for Saxophone and Flute

    Hi everybody I've got about $400.00 to spend on a mic that will be used primarily for micing sax and flute. I was thinking about possibly picking up an EV RE20 for the job based on some things I have read in the past about them. However, I figure that some of you knowledgeble folk might be...
  13. soapfloats

    Micing Saxophone for Ska/Jazz/Reggae

    I recently had a ska-blend band in to do rhythm tracking, and will be overdubbing horns next week. For the 'bone, I'm pretty much settled on using my Fathead. The other horn is a sax... which has been a bit of a bugaboo for me. I'll begin by echoing some thoughts I found while searching...
  14. R

    Looking For Saxophone/Trumpet/Violin Player

    Basically I am in a band, but lately indulge in abit of home recording to broaden my ideas, atm I have a little piece recorded, with some simple piano chords, and me playing guitar, there are spaces in between the guitar playing and I would like these if possible to be filled by a saxophone, if...
  15. its_jon

    Shure 16L for Brass (results)

    Hi..... If you have read this thread {old-link-removed} you will know that we are trying to build a basic recording facility for our brass band... We were given one Shure Prologue 16L mic .... very old, needs a battery. Have read that its not so good a mic.... Now.... at the moment its our...
  16. its_jon

    Brass Band ( setting up a studio ) the story so far.

    Hi....... This is my first post so this is the story so far. I am part of a contesting brass band in Scotland... We have made CD's in the past however the cost of recording far outweighed the return. The market for brass band music is very narrow with only a handful of the top bands...
  17. G

    Mic placement for saxophones

    I seem to get the best recorded saxophone sound by placing the microphone in line with the bell about a foot or two away. The lowest note on the saxophone always overloads the mic, however. I can help alleviate the problem by riding the fader, but I'd rather not. If I move the mic to the...
  18. T

    Recording Jazz Trumpet

    hello, I'm a trumpet player and I was wondering if anyone has any expirience with recording trumpet players as a solo instrument. What are some good techniques to help get the full sound of the instrument. I'm really aiming for two particular sounds. One being that early Miles Davis quintet...
  19. P


    Hey people I need an opinon on whats the best Brass mics to get?I need few and the old budget is 200 euro Any one suggest any..i was looking at t-bone mics but i dont know sound Any feedback would be cool Thanks
  20. P

    Recording Brass?

    Just wondering im recording brass anyone any tips on mics and placements to use?