bricasti m7

  1. pcrecord

    Comment on pro recordings

    Hi guys I've stepped upon this video (below) and just thought : "Mmm I could have done this differently, mmm what an odd... etc" So I got the idea of creating a thread here to gather comments of what you could have done differently or better and what seems like a mistake (if any). I'm thinking...
  2. audiokid

    Bricasti NEWS

    The M7 upgrade will be a for cost hardware upgrade.
  3. kmetal

    Is the AEA rpq 2 a good all around choice for hybrid workflow?

    @audiokid @Boswell @everyone Having spec'd most of the new system I'm down to the summing section. The rolls folcrum seems like a great no nonsense box, that allows for creativity with color or transparency, because it's completely passive and requires a pre amp / make up gain stage. A gear...
  4. pietro94

    recording A cappella

    Goodmorning everyone, I wish I could record audio as much like in this video: link to youtube: Quando dal terzo cielo - Palestrina - YouTube Before buy expensive microphones, I would ask detailed advice on how it can be so well recorded this acappella group. Thank you Pietro
  5. G


    hi.. fairly new to mixing and mastering. Check out my mix and let me know what I can improve on. FYI, artist brought a YouTube beat to the session and didn't have wav files so it was a little hard for me to get all vox takes to sit in the mix so I fear it'll be either to loud or to soft compared...
  6. kmetal

    Routing analog & digital audio between two DAWS

    Hey all, I'm doing the planning for my new system. I have magix samplitude pro x, and I'm considering protools HD12. Magix would be the main capture/compose/edit system due to high track count and clean coding. PTHD would be primarily for mixing (mainly volumes and panning). Since it does 10...
  7. audiokid

    PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One

    audiokid submitted a new resource: PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One - PreSonus® has released the Convology Vintage Reverbs Add-ons library for Studio One® 3, the latest i Read more about this resource...
  8. Jeremy Dean

    Making vocals sit naturally in a mix

    Hi all! I have a question on mixing vocals. A lot of mixes I've done in the past have almost always used some kind of samples(especially for percussion) in them. I have cheap mics and don't have a great preamp yet. I shall soon be upgrading some of these things, but this is how my...
  9. G

    Recording Opera Vocals

    Hello Guys! I really need your help! I sing opera and i am a lyric Baritone. I' ll be recording lots of things as a Baritone and i really don't know how to do it but i know it's a little complicated.I have recorded rock,metal,pop stuff before but i know that this is a lot different. All i got...
  10. ChrisH

    The Roger Nichols Recording Method

    Hi Everyone, I'm creating this thread to discuss Roger Nichols as an engineer and of course his recording and mixing methods stated in his book. Just purchased a copy of this book, not sure how many know about this book though. Haven't seen the protools files yet because it requires an iLok, so...
  11. kmetal

    Effect of session sample rates vsti samples

    hey I've been looking into BFD 3 closely while its %50 off. When I looked on google someone in a forum said that BFD 3 samples were recorded at 44.1, so the computer has to re-sample in real time when your using it st any other sample rate in a session. I was under an assumption that the...
  12. Sean G

    Get Amazing Reverbs In Studio One 3 With Samplicity's Bricasti M7 IR Library
  13. Tony Carpenter

    My journey into Hybrid mixing

    Today was the baby step into this new way (for me) of doing recording and mixing. I was fairly certain (thanks to help from others here, audiokid in particular) about how to get going. Today braving the install of the RME HDSPe card into the Mac was step one. Before all that I had to setup power...
  14. audiokid

    Drum Replacement The dirty little secret

    Damn, its spreading so what the hell. :whistle: There is more to it but who's paying attention anyway ;) HALT! Saying you can tell the difference only means it was either done poorly or meant to sound different. Anyone with extensive experience in this, knows sound replacement can go...
  15. J

    Bricasti m7

    Is there a "legit" online source for these, used (but loved)? Thanks, JG
  16. audiokid

    H4n and the Bricasti M7

    An interesting comparison using a ZOOM H4N and the Bricasti (before vs after) in a mastering process.. I'm a Proud Dad. My 15 year old daughter playing the piano with the symphony last night. I used an H4N in the audience, took it home and ran it through the Bricasti - Amsterdam Hall. (I'll...
  17. audiokid

    The Story of Bricasti

    and Tips and Tricks using 3 Bricasti M7's and a Remote at the Chicago Recording Company Featuring: Casey from [=""]Bricasti[/] Marc Nelson - [=""]the alley recording co[/] Scott Fritz - [=""]stranded on...
  18. audiokid

    Check the Bricasti's out on drums!

    Oh Ya! 2 Bricasti M7's are better than one lol: I just did a mix for a guy on the slutz for fun. Spent a few hours, that's it. I didn't get all the track either so a bit is missing from the original. Not trying to get too involved but it was more to play with the second M7 that I just added...
  19. audiokid

    GC Pro Presents: The Top Shelf, Episode 3 -- The Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processors

    Bricasti M7 Casey talks about using multiple reverbs
  20. audiokid

    Example of the Bricasti

    In reference to these two threads of disbelief, I decided to do and really simple A/B of the Bricasti added on the 2-bus. Method: I tracked a soundcloud...