1. DonnyThompson

    Calculating Dimensions in an odd shaped room

    @Brien Holcombe Brien - using Bob Gold's calculator, how do I calculate a room of varying widths? I'll be more specific ... I'm looking at moving into another area of my house - it's a Living Room area - where in half of the section, a staircase cuts into the width by 3 ft. So, Length is 23'...
  2. G

    Calculating and Metering Total Impedance (Guitar related)

    I am trying to calculate/meter the total load I am showing the pickups, but I'm a bit confused. I have a few mods in there to alter the sound of the pickup. The pot is 500k and wired with hot lead to lug 1, lug 2 is output and lug 3 is bent back and soldered to the base. I have 333k resistor...
  3. J

    Calculating Delay in Spot Microphones

    Is there some formula to calculate the adjustment of delay necessary between the main pair and spot microphones, i.e. x milliseconds of delay for y distance? I believe the other technique is to clap hands in front the spot microphone and use the wave editor to line up the spike between the...
  4. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Formula for calculating AMPS from Watts?

    Does anyone know the formula for calculating total AMPS? For example if you add up all your gear's maximum wattage and say you come to 1,000 watts, how many amps is that? I know you're also supposed to add 10% of buffer to prevent overloading the circuit.
  5. A

    Calculating degree of phase shift bewteen 2 sine waves!!

    Hi everyone, Im new here (so hopefully Im posting this in the right place/want to apologise in advance if Im not...) I want to calculate the degree of phase shift between two sine waves of the same frequency. I have the following formula (but cant find the right symbols on my keyboard (!))...