1. audiokid

    Pro Audio Shop in Vancouver, Canada

    I used to buy higher end pro audio equipment at Annex Pro on Granville but it looks like they are only selling video equipment now. Who is selling the higher end Pro Audio equipment in Vancouver, Canada now? Thanks.
  2. S

    Where to buy eco friendly acoustic materials in Canada for cheap.

    Hello, im looking to purchase some high density eco friendly acoustic materials for building panels such as cotton or polyester materials. I don't want to use rockwool or fibreglass because of the air quality and safety hazards these materials contribute to. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...
  3. Brother Junk

    Q's about Canada

    I would like to keep this discussion to the mechanics, and not turn it into a political back and forth. I don't foresee that happening, but I just want to make my intentions clear. This is strictly for my own edification... Here in America, the whole "Nationalized Healthcare" is a hot topic...
  4. jjitter

    Boards of Canada mixing techniques anyone?

    Hello all. I was really interested in discussing boc's mixing, arranging techniques. From the how much compression to reverb, to their arranging techniques. How do they get such floaty drums out of a sampler? Are those loops or does it sound like a kit played? How is it so minimalistic, yet so...
  5. audiokid

    My 2 DAW hybrid recording, mixing & mastering system

    My old 2 DAW Hybrid System (Fun Times!) The studio acoustics measurements Read more about this resource
  6. Vox71

    Greetings From Toronto, Canada

    Hey All, I would just like to introduce myself as a new member. I am a home-recording enthusiast, and I have been doing it for several years. Just joining to learn some new tips, tricks and ideas. You can never stop learning. I will most likely be a lurker primarily, but may chime in...
  7. audiokid

    choosing wireless mic frequency range Canada

    I'm ordering a Sennheiser Evolution Wireless vocal system and have three choices in frequency ranges. This will be my first of a few wireless systems I will get over the next few years. How do I know which range to choose from for Canada? A range (516-558 MHz), B range (626-668 MHz) and G...
  8. D

    Recording contracts, a good source of in Canada, Anyone?

    Hey everybody, I am interested in putting together a small label for some of the acts that I record/play with. I am looking for either "standard" blank contracts or an entertainment savvy lawyer who doesn't charge by the limb. I am looking for recording contracts, personal services...
  9. T

    schools in canada

    if anyone knows of any good recording schools in or close to canada, please leave some details. thanx alot