1. audiokid

    AT5045P on drums

    AT5045 sounds great on drums /overheads. These look like an excellent all round instrument mic. What do you think? The clips look easy to position and lock. Beautiful kit.
  2. audiokid

    AT5045P on acoustic guitar

    What do you think of the sound of the AT5045P?
  3. DonnyThompson

    EV RE20

    I dug out my old ( 1973/74) EV RE20 this past weekend to record a drum kit with; in particular, using the RE on the kick; I guess I'd forgotten how great those old EV's sound on kick drum. It was pretty much "instant tone". I think they're a wonderful ( variable D) dynamic mic to have, and a...
  4. G

    Neumann TLM 102-103

    Hello, I am going to buy a microphone for the voice, just have to choose between Neumann's TLM 102 and TLM 103. Any suggestion? Are them suitable also to record brass instruments, or the TLM 107 would be better? Thank you. Gpp
  5. audiokid

    AT5045 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone

    I just updated their banner. Check this out, -------------------------------------- Studio Instrument Microphone Available as a single mic or as a stereo pair, the AT5045 is Audio-Technica’s premier condenser instrument microphone, offering the performance of a large-diaphragm...
  6. A

    LDC for vocals : cardioid vs multi-pattern at the same price

    Hi, I am trying to make buying choise for LCD aimed at vocal (including voiceover) recordings. I have I question.. is it common-sense that multi-pattern should cost more then their unipolar variants? For example: I am looking at two mics of choices and thinking: these...
  7. S

    Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone Help ?

    I'm in the market for two nice condenser microphones and will be recording voice recording onto portable recorders like Zoom H4N. Build quality and sound is a must, Will be using XLR inputs. Can anyone please give me some input on what you think is best brands and models ? My price range is...
  8. G

    Neumann TLM 102 vs. Neumann TLM 103 vs. AKG C 414

    I have a small home studio and I am looking to purchase my first high end mic. It will be running directly into the preamps on my apogee duet interface. I will use it mainly for recording my Taylor GS5 and Vocals and will occasionally use it for piano as well. I have about 1000$ to spend and I...
  9. K

    Vocal Problems with my Neumann TLM 103 with my Focusrite ISA one Pre-amp

    So I attached two different recordings. Both recordings are the same guy, with no mixing added, and are using the same mic/pre amp combination. There is one major difference though. Although the one I have labeled as "bad" it is still clear, but does not mix well .. AT ALL. In fact the vocal...
  10. audiokid

    (term) Hypercardioid

    A type of microphone pick-up pattern. Similar in shape to a cardioid pattern, except that the sides have the greatest amount of rejection, as opposed to a cardioid pattern where the rear of the microphone has the least sensitivity. A microphone pick up sensitivity pattern where the least...
  11. audiokid

    (term) Supercardioid

    A microphone polar pattern that is similar to the hypercardioid pattern. The supercardioid pattern is slightly less directional and the rear sensitivity lobe is smaller. (See Hypercardioid)
  12. audiokid

    (term) Cardioid

    The most common unidirectional microphone is a cardioid microphone, so named because the sensitivity pattern is heart-shaped. A hyper-cardioid microphone is similar but with a tighter area of front sensitivity and a smaller lobe of rear sensitivity. A super-cardioid microphone is similar to...
  13. audiokid

    Neumann TLM 103d

    Wow, I had no idea until I saw this clip. Neumann TLM 103d ... add a starter kit (ad da converter, limiter and compressor) and spdif or AES into your DAW. I didn't hear him talk about a mic pre? Is this all combined into the mic? I didn't realize there was a bottleneck that happened with...
  14. M

    Best All-In-One Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Gate For TLM 103

    Aloha Guys... Finally putting together a professional studio with some quality gear. Please give me your opinions on the Best All-In-One Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Gate For TLM 103. If it makes any difference, I'm running Sonar 8 Producer with an RME Fireface 800 Interface. I...
  15. G

    Are cardioid condensers good?

    Or is there a reason most condensers come in bi-directional? link removed
  16. ThirdBird

    How big is the diaphragm of AT2035 Cardioid Condenser?

    AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone I can't find the size anywhere on the net. In a previous topic, someone mentioned that the AT2020 has only a 1/2inch. This mic seems to be the same thing, but with a pad and rolloff. I am guessing it has the same size diaphragm, but I don't know...
  17. L

    MS with 3 cardioid mics

    Is it possible to do MS with 3 cardioids instead of 1 cardioid and 1 figure 8?
  18. J

    Transformerless cardioid condenser choice

    I see there are a lot of 'what mic should I buy' questions here, so apologies in advance for yet another one... I'm looking to augment our mic collection with a matched pair of high quality transformerless cardioid condensers. They are being chosen mainly as a stereo pair for 'classical'...
  19. P

    Using Neumann TLM 103 D (Solution-D) with Digi 002

    Hi there! Has any one tested Newmann's TLM 103 D (Solution-D) microphone with the Digi 002. Please let me know how you have tested/ set it up. Please explain what are the options in connecting the MIC with Digi? and which one is best for quality. It looks like AES 42 receiver is required...
  20. D

    Cardioid ribbons in ORTF???

    I'm wondering if anyone has had success with using cardioid pattern ribbon microphones as a main pair for choir and what mics they were. The thing is I've found my R88 impractical for a certain tight space (choir loft) in which I've been recording recently. I was duly warned about getting a...