cd duplication & packaging

  1. Colin

    CD Case

    HI Guys, I've been recording some Christmas music on Saxoph0ne and wanted to make a CD for my family. The thing is, I don't really want to give the CD in a jewel case or sleeve. So is there a cheap way to really make a pro looking case. If I can't get it done by Christmas, (which I probably...
  2. K

    Music Duplication/Replication Companies?

    I'm not sure which term to use, but I am looking at releasing an EP here shortly. I was going to just do 100-300 CD's, but I realized that the price jump to 1000 per CD actually seems to make more sense (300 cost like 615 before shipping, 1000 cost 890 before shipping). I was looking at those...
  3. doubleJ


    I wasn't quite sure where this should go, but I assume that some of you guys do duplication in your studios. I've been looking at cd/dvd duplicators, printers, and automated publishers for a few weeks. I'm considering building my own tower, as I don't care to spend $1500-$2000 for something...
  4. V

    Short run CDR duplication questions

    I run a small budget minded studio. I'm considering purchasing one of these automated CD burners that also does the on-disc printing for short runs of 100 or so. Is there anything I should know about these duplicators? How reliable are the CDRs that are burned by these machines? Thanks for your help
  5. D


    Hi everyone, Thanks in advance for reading this post. I have done some research but I have a few unanswered questions... I have a plan to record friends and associates playing as quartets/trios/dixieland/etc... I am aware that I can purchase rights for 2500 copies or less by going to...
  6. T

    CD Replication or Duplication?

    I'm creating a Chicagoland Tribute to Pantera/Damageplan. I'm fronting all of the money, but I'm not someone that has stacks of cash floating around. I just wanted some opinions on whether I should replicate or duplicate? Does anyone know of any places that will do the insert printing and...
  7. R

    budget duplication?

    Hey folks, I need to find the best deal I can find on short run CD duplication. In the past I have used ($299 for 100 "retail ready" CD's). this is a good price, and they did a good job for me, but I am helping a friend put a "best of" CD together to raise money for a...
  8. D

    PMCD vs. CD-R for duplication?

    Hello I just had my CD mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC. I plan on having 1000 pressed and printed at one of the plants (discmakers or groove house records maybe). There are some level adjustements I would like made based on their reference CD (I'd like one song raised up and the overall...