cd printing & duplication

  1. Colin

    CD Case

    HI Guys, I've been recording some Christmas music on Saxoph0ne and wanted to make a CD for my family. The thing is, I don't really want to give the CD in a jewel case or sleeve. So is there a cheap way to really make a pro looking case. If I can't get it done by Christmas, (which I probably...
  2. Thomas W. Bethel

    New DYMO Printer for ON CD printing

    I just thought you might like to see a new DYMO ON CD printer that was just released. Its uses are endless but for the price it seems like a good thing to have around a mastering studio for printing disks instead of using a magic marker. Octopre
  3. M

    Epson R300 printer and printing on CD smudges

    I printed on almost every CD inkjet printing CD no names and brand names, I use now a hub printable CD Imation, but when I print and water or even if it's hot outside the cd label I printed smudges. How to fix it? I tried to buy a clear labels to go on top of the CD, however they don't sell...
  4. A


    I was wondering if anyone had ideas on some ways of printing on demo cd's without having to use labels which look bad and have a tendency to get stuck in car cd players. I've thought about making stencils but a cheap cd printer would be even better. i leave it in your hands Cheers 8-)
  5. M

    printing CD's and DVD's

    I would like to know something. I live here in Canada (Toronto) and I have 3 stores close to me where I by my printing and recroding stuff. Staples Business Depot, Futureshop and Long & Mcquade. I bought an Epson Stylus Photo R300 printer and bought CD-R printable cd's. And also the CD's...