1. Tony Carpenter

    Changing drives in a Mac Pro (2013 model)

    Good morning all, As I draw closer to setting up properly again I have something else on my list of changes. Going to switch out the standard 1TB drive from my Mac Pro to an SSD for OS and 1 or 2 10k drives or hybrids, not too sure. Does anyone have preferences, good pricing?. I am probably...
  2. ClarkJaman

    Changing Tempos

    Hey guys, (This isn't about microphones but I didn't know where else to put it) When you are tracking music, do you ever make a tempo track that slightly changes the BPM? For example, the verses will be 124bpm, the chorus at 126bpm, and the bridge at 128? Sometimes different parts of a song...
  3. P

    Midi Drums..Snare changing pitch

    So we laid down some drum tracks tonight. V-Kit--->M-Audio INterface--->Cubase 5 I went back after the session and ran the tracks through EZ Drummer (I know- that's all I have at the moment) and I notice the pitch of the snare changes throughout the tune. It actually sounds like it has...
  4. S

    Tempo Note Changing confusion

    Up where you can change the tempo--you can also change the notes from, Whole note, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and then a "dotted" option. The click track goes slower when its set lower than 1/4--and anything above 1/4, it clicks faster. I think 1/4 is the default selection but if anyone can tell me...
  5. D

    Changing audio from analog to digital.

    I would like to know how I would take an analog recording of an instrument that has been recorded into protools and change the sound using Reason.
  6. song4gabriel

    problems changing clock source in cubase sx3

    hey all trying to use my mytek stereo adc as a clock source for my cubase system. I use a digi 001 as my interface (yeah i know- but i only record one track at a time) and am running into the same hitch whenever i change the clock format in the asio setup box to adat (or spdif) to use...
  7. D

    Problems changing metronome click sound in cubase

    Hello, I am hoping someone could please help me , I want to change the annoying metronome sound in cubase sx3 . I go into the transport option in the top task bar and go to metronome setup and can change the sound by triggering off a sound through a vst instrument via midi, but I have made a...
  8. EricIndecisive

    Does the voice ever stop changing?

    We all know that during puberty and such is the most dramatic time, but even after that, does your voice still go through changes? I'm 22 in a week and a half, but will my voice keep getting deeper as I go on? I feel like it still sounds very boy-ish and does not have a lot of depth, whereas...
  9. R

    What's the Term for Changing Basic Straight in Guitar Sound

    I have Ableton's Live version 5.2.2., and what I want is to record guitar straight in then change the sound to mimic different types of amps, both clean and distorted so I can take my pick. For awhile I was under the impression that I needed virtual instruments, but now I'm thinking that that's...
  10. L

    Is there an impedance changing device?

    some kinda gizmo which will will reduce the impedance of a jack i wanna whack into my firepod from line to instrument level?- ¿huh?- ¿is there?
  11. D

    changing my studio completly

    hi all this is my first post so i hope i am posting in the right place.. anyways i have been lookin at the mackie onyx 1640 and i think i want to get it and sell the majority of my other gear for it but i dont know if the gear i have already is better right now im using the hammerfall rme...
  12. fourone3

    Changing a tube in a mic pre

    I'm curious - is it common to replace tubes in mic pres (before they burn out)? And does it actually make a lick of a difference?
  13. D

    changing active pickups with some other ?

    i have an Esp ltd deluxe , it has two emg 81 active pickups. when i got the guitar it had 10s guaged strings. and the treble tones were pretty high , i use just a vamp2 and a small fender bullet amp (i guess its quite old amp, used bought) i turn all its eq setting to zero and use vamp2 to...
  14. T

    Changing PC to Mac for Logic?

    Well hi , I have been using Cubase for like a few months. And I understand that it's not for me nowadays. So with the influence of Steven Wilson ( Maybe you might know him ). He is a Logic user songwriter-producer. And he recommends Logic in nearly every way. So I am thinking about buying...
  15. S

    vocal track tempo changing when recorded?

    I have just purchased a new PC with an Audigy 24-Bit soundcard. I am recording vocals thru a pre-amp to my soundcard while wearing the headphones and playing a beat thru Acid. But when I play the Acid tracks back the tempo of the vocals is mildly faster than that of the beat. The two tracks...
  16. C

    Changing pickups in Ibanez AS83

    Hi everyone, I own a hollow electric Ibanez AS83 guitar. It's maple front, back and sides. The shape is similar to the 335. I think, to improve it by replacing the original pickups to something better. I had in mind Gibson 57 Classic, or may be Gibson P94s. Did anyone had any experience...
  17. C

    changing tracks without gap in audio?????????

    Hi all, I'm putting together an audition recording for myself, for an orchestra. One of the requirements of the audition is that the cd needs to be indexed at various points but the audio is not aloud to stop (so they know there is no editing involved). Are there any programs that I could...
  18. S

    Changing pickup's to EMG

    I wanted to hear from anybody who has put active pickups in a Les Paul or simular guitars. My guitar looks VERY much like a Les Paul. I was thinking about an EMG89 and whatever else. Is it an easy change? And what about the white plastic guards around the stock pickups? Do I still need...
  19. B

    noise floor is changing during recording

    hello. i was recording my synthesizer SY 85 into Apogee trak2 through coaxial digital cable using Sony Sound forge apps. even though i didn't play SY 85, the noise floor level is changing why did it happen? the noise level was -69 dbfs, but suddenly it was changed to -79dbfs. then again it...
  20. M

    Changing my pre amp's tubes

    Ok, so I've got some old Presonus Blue Tube mic pre's that have been collecting dust. Let me first say this, I personally don't think the Blue Tubes are as "terriable" of mic pre's as everyone makes them out to be. True, they are on the low end of the spectrum, but they do add gain and a level...