1. Kurt Foster

    Chinese Manufactures questions

    Here's one i would like to know more about. it's been said there is one primary manufacturer in China making mics that are badged for various audio companies. can someone tell me who that company is, where the plant is, which mics they manufacture and which companies sell their mics? i would...
  2. audiokid

    Made In China Overload

    Day after Christmas and everything from Santa was made in China. Man, are we sure we know what we are doing and feeding into? I don't think its hitting the gray matter and its a worry. I'm taking a stand and banning as much as I possibly can from this day forward. Its our demise if we don't get...
  3. T

    Cheap Chinese Ribbon Mics: Seeking sample tracks.

    I've searched up and down this site, I've Googled, I've hit Youtube. So far the only vocal sample I could find was a female vocalist using a FatHead II, which was posted on this site. Anybody have any source of samples/demo tracks/etc with these mics? This is going to be for a spoken word...
  4. MadMax

    China ain't got nuttin' on B****ger

    This from [=""]Broadcast Engineering[/] (audiokid... thanx for the new industry links btw!!!!) It's really disgusting to think that some foreign company's first foray into the free marketplace is straight into...
  5. J

    Chinese Mics

    Hi All, Im currently on the road in China and was looking to pick up a few Chinese Mics to add to my home studio..Any Brand Suggestions...Im still pretty new to this recording thing so Im looking for one good mic that will serve multiple purposes...any information.. would be greatly...
  6. T

    Takstar PCM-6100 Microphone

    My need microphone in-flow is much greater than my regualr income (if you know what I mean) so after browsing on eBay I found a microphone called the Takstar PCM-6100. Now don't get me wrong, this microphone was made in China and is very cheap however it is a great microphone. It is a condensor...
  7. D

    Nady RSM-2 / PPA / T-Bone Chinese Ribbons on Drum Room

    I just put them up, in a decadent multi-mic scheme, and ended up using as much of them or more than any other mic! Here are some clips. Clip 1 Clip 2 Details and pictures of the setup. My mics are the Tape Op group buy editions which just came in - a tapered grille (from which i...
  8. X

    looking for some infos on chinese mics

    hello i heard that the chinese are making great copies of the old u87 47 etc etc etc etc does anyone know more about it?co names links etc etc ?
  9. R

    High Quality from China ???

    I just found a hint at another recording site ( where some interesting china mics are presented. They are right expensive and considered to be resold OEM Versions of amercican mics. Does anybody know about american microphones were capsules...