1. tonymarachella

    choir mastering

    hi guys, can u help me?! here the link to listening my choir recording session. gear: mic km-184 (ortf technique), pre warm audio wa 12, interface digi 002. do you think the choir is too far? mics was at 3m from choir director. I decided this distance to take a good relationship between...
  2. M

    Choir or Group

    Hi, How do you record a group or choir with just 4 headphones available in the vocal room?
  3. Colin

    I'd like to record the church choir

    Hi, Colin here! I have a church choir of about 15 to record. I'd like to add that these guys are good. They've got it down. I've been home studio recording for a little under ten years. Now, I'd like to record the church choir. This is how I'm going about thus far...(this is where I need good...
  4. audiokid

    Hanging DPA mics , recording theatrical Choir in playhouse theatre

    I'm recording a choir in a playhouse next month. Its a new venue and concept for me. I'm going to need some last minute help on this, starting now :) I'm using my trusted SF 24 in the center and hanging DPA 's down on top of them. Hanging mics is new for me. The LCD are a matched pair of DPA...
  5. audiokid

    Royer SF-24 Orpheus, SPL Neos, Choirs

    Just finished up at the Festival. Here is a short clip of a choir where I used a Royer SF-24, Prism Orpheus summed through the SPL Neos. NOTE: You can adjusted the volumes on these tracks. 44.1 /24
  6. A

    Recommendations for recording a small youth choir

    Our school has a vocally talented group of 8th graders. Their choir director would like to do a recording of the group before the school year ends that could be distributed to the families of the kids...not for sale, but for keepsake...although we'd still like to capture the best recording we...
  7. B

    Equipment. How to record a choir?

    im having trouble getting a good recording - so what i have at my disposal: > A pretty powerful laptop >Power amplifier >12 channel mixer >8 wireless mics >$100-$600 budget (or up to 1k, if the difference is WELL worth it) my method so far: theres a grey little wire that i can connect...
  8. audiokid

    Tracking choirs with LA2A's or using them on the 2 bus

    Anyone here track Choirs with the LA-2A or use them on the 2-bus?
  9. audiokid

    De-essing a Choir

    The room is really live with some wild hot spots. I did much better this year, I'm pretty happy with my recording but would love some help to be better on the sibilance now. These sss are impossible to take out. I could hear them live and know this is a common thing for choirs but I'm sure you...
  10. P

    Help Please - Church Choir on Very Tight Budget

    Hello, We are going to be recording the first album for our children's choir at our church. It involves vocals for about 10 kids and one instrument, a keyboard synthesizer. We are going to be using a small interior room in the church that is about 15 X 10 or so. We have an unbelievably tight...
  11. B

    piano bleed into choir mics

    I recorded a children's choir concert today. The space was a large church with a lot of ambience (4 sec. reverb) Two suspended overhead mics were used to capture the choir sound. Unfortunately the piano was in close proximity to these mics, underneath and in front of the conductor and choir...
  12. audiokid

    How to Mic a Choir

    Travis Cibolski, owner of Clarity Media Group and Technical Director for the Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon, talks with Dean k from Audix about the basics of miking a choir. This is a 6 part video well worth watching: Introduction and Microphone Choices, How to Mic a Choir...
  13. T

    How To Make Choir Sound with one Vocal

    How To Make Choir Sound with one Vocal Is this possible?
  14. unclejemima

    Versatile mic for choir or hand-bell amplification

    We are in the market for a pair of mics, something that can both mic a choir and/or hand-bell to provide a small level of amplification. Our choir and hand-bells set up in the same area (only one will play per Sunday), but our choir loft is not the most friendly for microphone placement because...
  15. S

    Orchestra with Choir/soloists @ church...mic help please!

    Hey all- My first post to the forum! :wink: This weekend I will be recording an orchestra with a choir at a church. I will be using a Sound Devices 8 track and I have a good selection of microphones to use (through the university), and up to this point, I was thinking: 2 U87s for the main...
  16. U

    Choir and organ mic installation question

    I have been tasked with coming up with the best installation possible for choir microphones at our church. We have about a 40 voice choir that stands directly in front of the main organ pipes and in between two organ lofts, and occasionally will have an orchestra in front of them. The choir...
  17. E

    Choir behind orchestra: best way to mic?

    In my professional life, about 90% of the time, when there is a choir with instruments- from small ensemble to full orchestra- the choir is behind the instruments on risers. To my main pair, the choir is less 'close' and detailed than the instruments because it is quite a bit further from the...
  18. audiokid

    Choosing places to record choirs

    From your experience, what type of rooms produce the best sounding recordings for choirs? Right now the city choirs love the reverby church but I think this is one older leaders influence. I would love to entice them otherwise and was wondering what others think. I'm assuming we look at this...
  19. audiokid

    Blending Blumlein and ORTF Choirs

    I'm preparing my mix's for the choirs I just finished recording. 2 DPA 4011A in ORTF 1 Royer SF24 in Blumlein 1 Audix M1280 micro condenser for added detail Any suggestions of how you blend blumlein and ORTF? John, did I hear you right... choose which of the two that sounds (fullest, widest...
  20. audiokid

    Royer SF-24, DPA 4011 ORTF for Choirs

    I've discussed this more than once but wasn't sure what mics I'd settle on and know how the room would sound with people in it until yesterday. Recording 14 choirs over 2 days. Largest choir will be 75 people. Small choir test Last week using two R-122's in Blumlein about 20 ft back from...