choral recordings techniques

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    Which Churches have the best acoustics for choral & classical music recording?

    Hi All, I'm slowly moving in the direction of being ready to record and to this end have started looking into which acoustic environments best support recording the kind of music I'd like to record, i.e. classical music in its many forms. To this end I recently found an article by Leo Beranek...
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    Newbie Alert! Have a computer, a sizable budget, and...

    Hi all! This is an incredible website, and I feel lucky to have found it. I've been lurking around on and off for a few months, reading dozens of threads, and trying to learn what I can. I've read more "Here's my situation and what mic setup should I use?" questions than anything else, because...
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    Decca Tree mounting options??

    I just got a matched trio of B+K 4006 and will surely be experimenting with Decca Tree in the future. Just curious if anyone here uses it, and what mounting options are tried and true. I am aware of the AEA bar, but would like more ideas. does everyone fly the mount or is anyone using a stand??