1. kmetal

    Room for another 1176 clone?

    Looks like (now berringer owned) Klark Technic has produced an 1176 clone. Priced $600 its in line with other mass produced clone gear. IMHO it's insulting to both KT and 1176 that this thing is out. Having not heard it or used it I can't comment on its quality or authenticity. To me it's just...
  2. Bennos

    Hairball Audio - 1176 clone

    Hi all, I'm interested in building one of these 1176 clones from Hairball Audio. Has anyone else done it and can they comment on the sound compared to the original?
  3. BobRogers

    Neve 1073 Clone Preamps

    Started thinking about the various Neve 1073 inspired preamps out there and decided to start a list to compare. Now, I guess any transformer-based preamp is "inspired" by the 1073, but I just started a list of current production models available in the US that have some direct connection to the...
  4. A

    SSL clone, may have fried something...

    Hey, new to the forums, not new to gear and recording. So i built an SSL comp clone using audio kitchen PCB's and THAT 2180 pre trimmed VCA's. Long story short I had some DIP sockets laying around that were 9 pins long so i used those for the VCA' some fit or whatever (prolly being to...
  5. cotenyc


    Anyone have any recommendations for a good cloner/ doubler? Thanks
  6. X

    u87 u67 and more looking for the best clone

    i m a big fan of all those vintage mics i had the chance to record with some of the best and most expensive mics in the world< thank you emi> but would not want to spend the money to buy one of them today because they are rather expensive i m looking for the best or closest copy/clone of a...
  7. S

    Neve Clones?

    Hey guys, I would like to know the name brands of all the Neve clones. I know there are a few but I need to know them by name Thanks
  8. S

    Waves Q-Clone.. anyone use this?

    Its really a neet idea.. I wonder if it works as good as it states on the web site. I also wonder if you can use it to capture the sound of other types of hardware like mic pres... Probably not, but its still pretty neet. Anyone try it yet?
  9. R

    The King Of Neve Clones?

    Any opinions on any of the Neve clones out there? I have a pair of Neve's which I love but I'm in the market for some clones. What's the best bang for your buck? Vintech? Seventh Circle? Great River? Any others? Thanks!
  10. D

    Waves Q-Clone

    Hmmm... [=""]Waves Q-Clone Hardware EQ cloning plugin[/] I guess it's just continually sending out a MLS signal, performing an FFT to find the impulse response, and covolving that with your input signal. Might be a kinda neat toy... but I doubt...
  11. B

    Neve clone needed

    Hello all. Please excuse the long post. Here's my situation. I currently do most of my recording DI (keys, bass, rhodes piano, synths) but have recently started to use mic pres quite a bit more, as I'm now tracking drums (4 pres at a time). As I only currently have 1 mic pre (2 channel...
  12. B

    Is the AT4050 a Neumann U87ai Clone?

    Is the AT4050 a Japanese copy of the Neumann? They seem very similar in many ways. I'm curious about the coloration between the two. I own an AT4040. The intent is putting a multi-pattern mic on my wish list.
  13. J

    Raptor raid xphome success (clone)

    But any tips about the "making unique", now of each virtually identical versions of my oem OS xp home as in the "systems eyes" or also to my apps well, any dual boot vets please SHOUT AT ME if you will, thanks........... DIFFERENT ISSUE why would my partition at the first of the disk, the...
  14. B

    The In-Your-Face Sound Of Neve Clones For Vocals..which

    I like the in-your-face, big vocal sound of the colored, Neve clones with my tube mic.. I've demod a few but not all, what will be the differences I'll find in THE FOLLOWING! clones? I'm interested in a single channel for starters. 1.Great River ME 1NV ($975.00) 2.Vintech dual 1272...
  15. A

    Joe Meek plug-in emulations and other clones - compariso

    Hi friends! I have just started evaluating Joe Meek classic compressor, model SC2, plug-in version for PT TDM systems, 5.x.x. I have just finished some bass guitar recording sessions and I have been quite satisfied with this emulation. I wasable to achieve better resuts than with my old...
  16. A

    Stage Tech verifier, other clones, E22, E32, Blair

    a) Would someone please explain here the differences between E22 and E32? shall be a stupid question tough.LOL One error plus... b) Based On Disc Makers mnual of How to produce nice masters... they recommend people tosubmit media or ask for the plant to submit to E32 tests and so. That is why...
  17. E

    Bomb Factory tries to spell it out for us-Clones Erik tries the bypass all the bowlshit and show factually why his plug in's emulate hardware the best. Can't wait for the response from UA, McDsp, and the like.