1. pcrecord

    Golden Age Project Comp-3A vs Waves Audio CLA-3A

    Hi gang, I've done those 2 videos primarly for fun.. Interesting to compare hardware and plugins.. Let me know what you think ! Part 1 : Part 2 :
  2. ProducerAvi

    Tone Empire Plugins released VCA Compressor - Model 5000

    Hey, Guys Tone Empire released a new plugin, Its called Model 5000 ( API 2500 x 2 clone? ), Its free for the first 15 days. They are running it on Intro Sale - $49 ( Original Price: $99 ). I think its a good deal. More info about the Product: Product...
  3. pcrecord

    Golden Age Project - Comp-3A REVIEW !

    It took a bit of time but here is my review of the Comp-3A Let me know what you think ;)
  4. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFx suite : Two point compressor

    Hi gang, Yet another video on Magix CoreFx Suite.. I'm getting through all the plugins slowly.. Doing those videos force me to learn the plugin better. I just hope I'm not annoying some of you with my posts.. Anyway something interesting in this one.. Tell me what you think !
  5. pcrecord

    Planning the next toy? (Golden age Comp2a) ?

    Hi gang, I can't discard my gear addiction, so the 2 things I'm looking for in a near future (before 2021) is upgrading my RME FF800 and I'd like to have at least 1 compressor to pair with a ISA preamp. Since I don't have much space, I could manage an half rack unit below one of my computer...
  6. G

    What is the role of Spectrum Analyzer in Mixing

    I have just downloaded GT analyzer. I wanted to know that what is the role of frequency analyzer in audio recording.
  7. Johnny Blade

    2 compressors = 1 compressor configured in double?

    Let's say I had 2 compressors in series with the following parameters: Threshold = -5dB Ratio = 2: 1 Attack = 50 ms Release = 40 ms Would there be any difference (technical / sonic / theoretical) if I had a single compressor configured as below? Threshold = -10 dB Ratio = 4: 1 Attack = 100 ms...
  8. M

    guitarist adjusts volume during recording

    Recording a guitar into a mixer via an Acoustic Image Clarus preamp out, and out to a video camera. The problem is that the guitarist often adjusts his volume during playing, and that can mess up my signal level going into the camera. Other situation is when he plays chord melody, the signal is...
  9. pb69

    Affordable Compressor for Bass Guitar

    What’s an affordable hardware bass guitar compressor?
  10. lu432

    High Frequency Limiter/Multi-band Compressor

    Anyone have any recommendations to tame highs in Mastering. I'm looking at a Drawmer 1973 right now because of my budget. Trying to stay out of the digital realm right now and do most if not all my processing in the analog realm. I'm also considering saving up for a Weiss Unit or a Maslec MBC...
  11. Smashh

    Recommendations for mic / comp for live

    Hi , need help deciding on mic and comp for live performance. At the mo my wife uses 58 beta into presonus live desk ( below unity gain ) . She has a big dynamic range . We do some jazzy stuff with not much pressure to blues where she belts it out . She uses mic technique ,but at times pulling...
  12. pcrecord

    Audio compressors - What are they ? How do they work

    My first video of 2018. I had a little fun jamming a song... This Back to basics : audio recording software - Compressors video, explain what is a compressor and what the common settings do. The video starts with the video clip of a song about compressor. Nothing serious just having fun.. ...
  13. DonnyThompson

    Building an opto compressor from a kit

    @Boswell @pcrecord (or anyone else who might be able to help) Hi guys :) So, lets say I have a little more than just a passing interest in perhaps building an opto compressor from a kit...and I want to start by familiarizing myself with basic electronics knowledge. Is there a good...
  14. JoaoSpin

    Drum recording, one-channel compressor

    Here's a quick one: One-channel compressor. Should I use it on the snare, the kick, the room, a mono overhead, or where else? where would you use it? (on the way in) Thanks!
  15. Fidan Sylejmani

    Best way to connect mixer compressor interface preamp

    Hi I post for the first time on this forum And i want to know some answers from you, which is best way to connect mixer compressor interface preamp for recording vocals? I connected all this but i dont know is okay or not so my connection is this Mic on the preamp from preamp balance out to...
  16. audiokid

    UA Releases SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor and Pure Plate Reverb Plug-Ins for UAD v9.2

    UAD SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Plug-In Collection Trailer Fully endorsed by Solid State Logic,® Universal Audio has introduced the SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces — an expert end-to-end circuit emulation of the compressor that is integral to the...
  17. J

    Been developing a simple/free compressor/finalizer type program...

    I have been working on an apparently very 'kind' compressor/agc program (mostly developed on Linux, but have been building parallel Windows versions.) It isn't just a straightforward AGC, but has careful algorithms and artifact avoidance. It has both single band and multi-band modes (running...
  18. audiokid

    Warm Audio WA2A vs UA LA2A

    Please share any comparisons you've done between the UA LA-2A and Warm Audio WA-2A seen below. Looking at the guts of the WA-2A, it looks pretty clean, not exactly the same as the originals but it appears to all be there. I wonder how it sounds? Compares?
  19. audiokid

    What is gain reduction on a compressor?

    Here is one answer: The amount of gain reduction is determined by ratio: a ratio of 4:1 means that if input level is 4 dB over the threshold, the output signal level is 1 dB over the threshold. The gain (level) has been reduced by 3 dB: Threshold = −10 dB.
  20. audiokid

    (term) Lookahead

    Lookahead or Look Ahead may refer to: A parameter of some combinatorial search algorithms, describing how deeply the graph representing the problem is explored A parameter of some parsing algorithms; the maximum number of tokens that a parser can use to...