1. K2vp

    Record a Percussion Set Live

    Hi, I need an advice for recording a percussion set ( a pair of congas, shakers, rain stick and bongos) in live situations outside. The percussion set is the main rhythm section in a small acoustic set. Any recommendations for mic combinations? Greetings from Germany Markus
  2. Smashh

    recording congas

    Do congas need to be off the ground when being miced ? Im having trouble with them cutting through on live gigs , and I have hi pass filter on desk up around 300 hz to get enough level without feedback. What microphones are better on congas?
  3. S

    Proably Noob Question: Phasing with 3 mics recording congas

    I've been recording a set of congas with 2 matched dynamic mics X-Y and then a 3rd PZM mic 5 feet away mounted on a wall. When I listen to the X-Y pair they sound fine. When I listen to the PZM room mic it sounds fine. But when I listen to all 3 there is an unmistakable 'phasing' problem. But...
  4. ThirdBird

    Recording congas

    any tips?
  5. S

    Taming Conga Ringing?

    Hi, First attempt recording congas. The drummer has 3 drums. The lowest one (tumbadora?) has a nasty high frequency ringing... similar to issues I've had with toms where one of the lugs has an issue with a spring. I can't seem to hear exactly where it's coming from, but I'm assuming it's from...
  6. C

    software suggestions for recording conga and djembe

    Hello, First time poster here. I am looking for software that is descent for recording conga/tumba/quinto and djembe. I use a Xenyx1202 4-track mixer. I mic the congas with Audix D2's and I use a Shure PG81 to mic the djembe. I run the mixer into my laptop or PC. I was using an older...
  7. M

    recording congas

    hey all i'm getting ready to record congas for some acoustic tunes i'm doing. does anyone have any favorite mics/set-ups for recording congas? i'm tracking to Logic Express on 1.6Ghz Mac G5. and i'm using an M-Audio Firewire 410 interface. mics: 1 large condenser, 1 small condenser, 2...
  8. A

    condenser microphone type for conga drums recording

    hello I am a newbies here and want to say hallo to everybody. Can somebody help me to chose the condenser microphone type for conga drums recording? I got a question about microphone type that ware used on the linked below movies. Nr.1. Giovanni Hidalgo - Suite For Congas...
  9. G

    Newbie recording question(maudio omnistudio usb ,mic conga)

    mother of all creatures, I received my m-audio omnistudio usb today. Allot of buttons, inputs/outputs it makes me cross-eyed. Check it out, I got demo software of Vegas, Reason & Live Delta. The one that seems pretty user friendly is Vegas, I actually found out how to record using the...
  10. F

    micing Congas

    Has anyone done an internal mic mount for congas? If you've done it or heard it done I'd like your opinions, and if you haven't done it I'd still like your thoughts on what the issues might be--pros and cons, etc. I'm looking at it ONLY from a 'cool install' point of view--on all other...
  11. B

    Congas - Options?

    Hi- I'm a small studio guy who is looking to buy a good "house" set for using on rock and/or roll sessions. I know about the LP/ Remo stuff/options and might very well go that route, I'm just wondering if there are other small makers out there that are recommended by anyone? (Price around 400...
  12. audiokid


    just showing off my new look on this page. Oh but how I like the drums. audiokid